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Membership revoked by helping 2 different friends

by Corey Bibolet
(Aliso Viejo, CA USA)

My membership at 24 Hour Fitness was revoked after I was helping a couple friends at different times doing new exercises, and doing them correctly. I was told if we show tips and help each other and do the workouts together than it would not be a problem. So today I wanted to do a workout that had at least 4 things that my friend had never done. I showed him how to do them and we did plenty of them TOGETHER. I told him what to look for to help me and I was helping him. We then did the workout together. I do not do workouts set for set, but high intensity workouts for time. Am I supposed to have my friend/workout partner just looking at what I do and do it? No. There are people in the gym all the time showing their friends how to do things. I think the problem is that I am so advanced and the moves we do are so advanced we can't just jump into them without doing a few reps, correcting form, doing a few more, them get ready for the workout that we do together. If I were training someone, I would have a plan for them, note everything they are doing, and receive some compensation. I believe it is discrimination because of my knowledge. I am 100% certain if I didn't know what I was doing and I thought I did and I was showing my friend how to do things before "WE" did the workout, there would not be a problem. Why does helping someone end up being such a bad thing. I really have to hold back from helping everyone. It's just the kind of person I am. I rock climb, I go with my friends and we help each other with tips. AND there are trainers there that train people similar to 24 Hour fitness. My friends have even asked if they should use 24 Hour fitness trainers, and I said no. Not because I want their money or to be their trainer. I want to be a friend that shows them my correct form when we do exercises. Why should I be penalized that our movements are more advanced and require more practice. I don't believe in 3 sets of 10 on machines or isolation movements. I like to do burpees, pull ups, Olympic lifting, etc. All of these require form, not just the first time, but every time being done. Heck, my friends and I work on running form where we run and look at each other to see faults and correct. I am stating thing because we believe in the best form possible, and to achieve that, over site, suggestions, and corrections must be made in order to do the movement correctly. Where is the line of training someone and helping out friends?

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