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AdvoCare Marketing

by Mike Ferro
(Orlando, Florida)

I have coached over 40 trainers who earn over $100,000 a year working 25 hours a week with AdvoCare. I have been a trainer for over 22 years, I now own and run BTFA Personal Training School because of the $12,000 extra a month from AdvoCare as a full time single father. My team will do over 1.8 million in sales this year, thus helping 100's of trainers earn extra income to pursue their true passion in the health and fitness industry. That means we help 1000's upon 1000's of people everyday with Optimal Nutrition which in return gives our trainers a waiting list for clients. Please be skeptical, but understand Dr. William Kraemer(Past President of NSCA) is on our Sci/Med Board. We have 100's of Olympic, NFL, NBA, MLB, MLH, NCAA and High School Strength Coaches that recommend AdvoCare products. Our trainers provide a solution for all the STUFF people use on a daily basis, I.E. Starbucks, Soda, Gatorade, Red Bull, Centrum, Fibercon, Special K. Bars.....

***Editor's note: promotional content removed***

I fully believe every trainer had those BIG EYES at one point to help change the health of this country, but because of corporate politics and attitudes, those dreams were diminished. This is a wonderful opportunity to help, I help over 3,000 people daily because of Networking. Please allow me to help you understand the power of AdvoCare and how you too can pursue your goals with passion.

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by: Anonymous

Well I am a distributor of Advocare products. I love the products although I think it's kind of pricey. Well it is an MLM type of company which I am a big believer in. For $50 it's probably the cheapest business you can start up. The only real flaw I can see is that they need to emphasize more on the marketing aspect of it. I believe if they can help their distributors market themselves better, they would really be a hot company. The supplements are great for all levels. I highly recommend the company, especially if you know how to market.

I'm a believer
by: Ron Lashley

I've been in the industry and a personal trainer for almost 19 years and you are correct. With AdvoCare I get my clients better results then just having them slaving away in my studio.

You and Matt Warren are an inspiration to us all.

"Live Long & Healthy"

Ron Lashley
Get Physically Fit, LLC

Advocare is a great line for your business
by: Kathy

This is a comprehensive line for all your clients needs.

Trim Line is amazing
Elite performance
Well Line
Skin care
Active Line

They have products for every preformance need from Baby boomers to elite athletes. They have unpaid endorsers from Richard Petty to Drew Brees. Products are Informed Choice tested so there are no banned substances.

I recently joined the business and loved the response from my clients. This is a great fit for your personal training business.

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