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I am a very good trainer but tired of inconsistant pay checks

by Mark
(San Diego)

I am getting very close of putting an end of my dream of making a career out of personal training.

Tired of cancelled sessions resulting in lost income.

Tired of gym owners who want to rip you off when it comes to pay cut.

Tired of all the trainer wannabes who have clients they do not deserve.

It has been fun in Houston and here in San Diego trying to build a business but I do believe I am done.

I hate the fact that I have to go back to the rat race of the 9-5 jobs but that is where I know I can have consistent money in my pocket.

If you have any ideas or comments that may help me change my mind then let me know.
thank you

Comments for I am a very good trainer but tired of inconsistant pay checks

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For Mark
by: Patsy

Mark, I can't answer to the question of gym owners, because I spent only a year training in a private studio. What I do know is if training is your passion, try to stay hooked in as much as you can. I was offered the 9 to 5 job, which turned into almost 50 hrs a week, sitting behind a desk fixing people's problems on the phone. I've hated every minute of it, and regret that I had to do it for the money. My heart actually ached with sorrow for having to give up training, but the "real" job sucked the life out of me and left me no energy to pursue my passion.
Get creative with your training! Do something noone else is doing....take another part time job if you have to, but don't give it up altogether. If you are a good trainer, strive to become better through continued learning and a more creative approach to what you have to give. Keep looking for the opportunities that will offer you the breaks you deserve!

Contact me Mark..
by: Jason

Mark, before you make that leap back to the rat race, shoot me an email so we can chat! We work with fitness industry professionals all over the country and are currently in search of three more qualified and driven individuals. Maybe we will be a match to work together, maybe we won't but it sure won't hurt to talk and see.

by: AnonymousMasterr Chief Instructor /Coach Smith

Sounds like you are not getting no where FAST. I have the same problem here. Most likely you like myself, are trying to compete with the other gyms and charge a lower price. GET A NICHE! I just became "The Fat Loss Boss" because,I once weighed 405 pounds and am how at 265 and losing. I am just getting clients after 18 months of pass and Fail techniques, I finally figured a few things. Houston is TOO LARGE for you NOT to make money. Got a website? Get one. This is a field where too many of us that , "walk the walk but don't talk the talk". T

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