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“Did you know that we offer free email support for people who are interested in becoming personal trainers? Just tell us a about yourself so we can guide you through the process. ” (about me)

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Personal Training Accreditation

The number of organizations offering personal training accreditation is mind boggling.

Welcome to Step 2 of Starting a Personal Training Business! If you are here, you have completed the self-evaluation in Step 1 and are moving forward toward launching your new personal training career.

Step 2 deals with the topic of Personal Trainer Certification in detail. Choosing the proper certification program can mean the difference between success and failure on your journey to become a personal trainer. So study this section carefully to make an informed choice.

How do you tell the good personal training certification schools from the bad ones?

You need to do your research. The best way is to talk to the people who have been through the programs. But you will often find that trainers really only have experience with the program they attended. They will recommend a program based upon what worked for them but it could be inappropriate for your career goals.

To reduce this bias, I have created a web page for each of the major organizations offering personal trainer accredidation. You can review highlights of each program along with tips and reviews submitted by our readers.

And if you have been through a program, make sure you submit a tip to help somebody else who is considering personal trainer accredidation.

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Step 2 Index


    The Importance of Getting Certified
    Avoid the Rip-Off Artists
    Personal Training Degrees

   Reviews of Certification Programs
        ACE Personal Trainer Certification
               ACE Vital Statistics
               ACE Certification Exam Tips
        ACTION Certification Review
        AFAA Personal Trainer Certification
        ACSM Personal Trainer Certification
               ACSM Vital Statistics
               ACSM Certification Exam Tips
        NSCA Personal Trainer Certification
               NSCA Vital Statistics
               NSCA Certification Exam Tips
        NASM Personal Trainer Certification
               NASM Certification Exam Tips
        NPTI Personal Trainer Certification Review
               NPTI Vital Statistics
        NCSF Certification Review
               NCSF Exam and Vital Statistics
        NESTA Personal Trainer Certification
        ISSA Personal Trainer Certification
               ISSA Vital Statistics
        CanFitPro Personal Trainer Certification
               CanFitPro Vital Statistics
        NFPT Certification Review
        IFPA Certification Review
        Cooper Certification Review
        NATA Certification Review

    Online Personal Training Certification Courses
    Is Online Certification Right for You?

personal trainer certification course     Certification Program Comparison Tables
        Full Certification Comparison Table
        NCCA Accredited Programs only
        Non-NCCA Accredited only
        Online Certification Programs only

    Reader Recommendations

    Free Personal Training Practice Certification Exam
        Client Assessment
        Exercise Technique
        Client Program Design
        Practical Analysis
        Answer Page

    Take our Certification Exam Prep Course
        Cert Exam Prep Course
        Take a Sample Personal Training Test

    Certification Study Groups
    Combining Multiple Certifications
    National Personal Trainer Certification
    Free Personal Trainer Certification

Insider Tips

insider tipsI totally believe that obtaining my personal training accredidation is worth it. You can accept as few or as many clients as you like in a day and still have time to do other things. The certification class also comes with some really good course books and materials that you can't get at your local book seller. I took a 12 week course that cost around 300 dollars. The class met twice a week for the duration. It was totally worth it.

- LLoyd, NY

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