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“Online Courses are now available for most certifications. You can Compare Online Certification programs using our comparison table.” (about me)

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Personal Trainer Certification Online AFAA

Note: A newer version of this review is available here.

Getting a personal trainer certification online from AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) is one of the unique ways the Internet is changing the fitness industry. New technology is making is easier to learn and prove your knowledge.

So What is it?

exercise workout routine

The personal trainer certification online from AFAA is a self-study course available through the Internet.

The online activities complement the readings from the textbook. And there is even a practice certification test to help prepare for the certification exam and the Board certification.

The AFAA personal training course will cost you $149 plus the required $59 textbook. You can compare the AFAA Certification with other popular certifications using our comparison table.

AFAA exam

Read the Fine Print!

While the personal trainer certification online from AFAA sounds good, there are some pitfalls. Taking the online course does not guarantee you will pass the test. In fact, if your only experience is the online course then you will find the exam very challenging. I have heard from many people who have struggled with certification exams because they lack the practical side of things. If you go the 100% online certification approach, at the very least you should plan to shadow a personal trainer (see Step 3), but you should also take our exam prep course to ensure that you pass the AFAA test on the first try. Nothing is more frustrating than wasting time and money by failing your AFAA exam.

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Secondly, this type of self study online training doesn't work for everybody. If the idea of reading textbooks and staring at the computer screen doesn't suit your learning style, then consider another approach to getting certified.

What are the Alternatives?

If the personal trainer certification online from AFAA doesn't sound like a good match for you, then consider one of their 3 day personal trainer certification workshops. At $469 plus the $59 textbook, this option isn't cheap. But if you learn better by doing and seeing then this may be worth it to you.

I've got to warn you though. Be prepared for three very long days. And once again, attending the workshop won't guarantee you certification, but many trainers pass the test at the end of the workshops.

Workshops are available at various locations. However, if you are in a remote location the personal trainer certification online AFAA may be a better option.

Scroll down for Insider Tips on AFAA certifications.

What do you think about the AFAA certification?

While our review of the AFAA certification isn't very glowing, this is your opportunity to share your first hand experience with this cert. Did we get it wrong?

AFAA Certification Insider Tips

Getting feedback about the AFAA from people who have gone through the program is valuable. Click on each tip to read and rate the comments submitted by our readers.

AAFA Group Fitness Certification 
I am thinking about entering the fitness industry as a group fitness instructor. However, I have yet to decide my specialty. Can anyone provide me information …

Personal training certification 
Hi there, Just wanted you to take another look at AFAA so you can update your info. I live in Denver and called one of the top, if not the top, health …

Thinking about AFAA for group fitness instruction cert 
I have done a lot of research and have decided to go through NASM for my PT Cert, but I also want a group fitness certification. Is is worth it to go …

AFAA certification is not for me 
You helped me realize that AFAA is definitely NOT the way to go. I have basically narrowed it down to ACE and ACSM. I do not have an undergrad in anything …

AFAA Personal Training Certification 
I was both ACE and AFAA certified for several years but left both certifications lapse due to a change in profession. I did not feel that I would want …

Is AFAA Certification 100% online? 
I want to take the AFAA personal training certification course online immediately to prepare for a position with the YMCA. Can you please tell me if this …

AFAA Workshop Reviews 
The AFAA Personal Trainer Workshop was well worth it! I was certified with AFAA for Group Exercise and decided to also experience the Personal Trainer …

e-AFAA: PT certification offered online Not rated yet
I've been reading some conflicting views about whether AFAA PT certification is offered online. According to the e-AFAA learning site (, …

Harder than I thought  Not rated yet
It was actually an intense class with little breaks. So don't expect a lot of playing around. You need to be in class and soak up every word to pass the …

Look at AFAA like any other college course... Not rated yet
I'm AFAA certified and I passed the first time I took the test with no problem. BUT I STUDIED FOR MONTHS!!! Look, you need to look at this like any other …

AFAA Cert offered at a discount at my gym ($351.75) Not rated yet
The gym I belong to at the University of Kentucky is offering this cert to their members for $351.75.... that is a good discount over the usual $469. …

AFAA personal trainer certification  Not rated yet
I am AFAA and ACE personal Trainer certified. In my opinion AFAA in definitely the best one within the two. Clear, complete, easy to study and understand, …

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