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If you are a customer needing support for one of our products, please click on the green oval "support" button in the lower right hand corner of your screen to submit a request.

Most customer service issues are handled within 1 business day.


For a much slower response, you can also write to us at:
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Please note: We do not accept checks or returns at this address.


Sorry, but I don't offer telephone support at this time. Our customer support system is so much more efficient than the phone, which enables me to help more people faster.


- Katie Donnelly


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Personal Trainer FAQ

Click below to see questions, answers and discussions about becoming a personal trainer. You can help make the Personal Trainer FAQ better by adding your comments and ratings to each question. There is often more than one right answer to a question so tell us what you think!

business proposal generator 
how many times/plans can you make with the business proposal generator.

Certificate vs. Certification 
Certificate versus certification I graduated this past December with a Career Studies Certificate in Personal Training. I do not have a Certification …

Is this site still supported? 
Is this site still supported? I am interested so I can pass NSCA - CPT and CSCS later on. Thanks!

Questions about having my International (Australian) credentials recognized/tranferred? 
Hi, I am a certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor from Australia. My family & I just made the move to California ( I am a U.S. CItizen) …

Client Organization Issues 
I have been a trainer since July of this year, and already have quite a few clients and I'm having trouble keeping track of what I am doing with who. The …

Too Young to be a Personal Trainer? 
I am young..yes, but very enthusiastic about personal training and learning as much as possible.Is there a age requirement to obtain a PT certificate? …

What Are the Highest-Rated International Programs? 
I am interested in becoming a Personal Trainer but I am perplexed by the variety of different programs available. I am interested in going to a highly-rated …

Personal Training Courses Requisites 
I am 52 years old and just started back to working out 3 years ago. Slowly at first, I have lost 45lbs. so far. My question is should I wait and be in …

NUTRITION Certifications 
Wondering if anyone has done any of the nutritional certifications in conjunction with receiving the personal training cert. I'm trying to decide between …

How to become a personal trainer 
I am a student in high school and i want become a personal trainer after high school. I was wondering what classes you recommend for me to take while I'm …

personal trainer vacation 
I am wondering, how do other personal trainers take vacation. I am in the process of starting my own studio, and I am wondering, if I get several clients, …

australia personal trainer certification 
I am a certified Personal Trainer in Vancouver Canada, and am looking into moving to Australia (either Queensland or NSW) and would like to know what type …

personal trainers renting gym space  
As a qualified personal trainer, do we need to pay big rent for the gym space? I am working in Australia and many fitness centers are inventing new techniques …

CPR Certification for Personal Trainers 
Are most CPR certifications only valid for a year or two? And do they cost around $40 every time you renew them? Do you always have to have a valid …

Certified Personal Trainer or Certified Fitness Trainer? 
I don't understand the difference between a certified personal trainer and certified fitness trainer? I have been looking at difference courses and some …

Personal Trainer Physical Job Requirements  
What are the physical job requirements for becoming a certified personal trainer? I am a licensed physical therapist with a desire to work in the fitness …

Am I too old to be a Personal Trainer? 
Will age as personal trainer be a problem? I am 57 and would like to start my own business as a personal trainer but worry it would not be worth the time …

Who are you guys? 
I was interested in your prep kit but so this posting online and it raised a red flag. Are you guys legitimate?

Meal Planning Software 
Hi, I am looking for a reliable and easy to use meal planning software program? Any suggestions out there on the best programs? Thanks! ANSWER: …

Interested in a certification that is not listed on your site 
I am wondering what you think about the personal trainer certification but don't see it listed on the site. Can you tell me if it is a reputable certification? …

Advice for Starting my own Gym 
I am certified through NASM and looking at starting my own gym. Do you have type of business advice or business models that can be utilized for a gym …

How do I download the Personal Trainer Starter Kit 
I signed up for the newsletter but am unable to download the personal trainer starter kit. Can you help?

Where can I find Personal Trainer Forms? 
I am looking for personal training forms that I can download and print out. Medical release forms, Personal information, informed consent, liability waiver …

Do I have to get Re-certified as a personal trainer if I move to another state? 
I am training to become a Personal Trainer in Massachusetts but am considering moving to California. If I get certified before I move, will my certification …

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moving to australia Not rated yet
HI! my name is sam and I've just started my courses to become a personal trainer in the united kingdom, I will have a level 2 in fitness and a level …

Personal Training Software Not rated yet
Hi, I am opening a personal training studio and are looking for software that can help me track my clients progress and give them a great visual tool. …

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