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NUTRITION Certifications

by anonymous

Wondering if anyone has done any of the nutritional certifications in conjunction with receiving the personal training cert. I'm trying to decide between ISSA's Performance Nutrition Specialist which seems very comprehensive and thorough and AFPA's Nutrition and Wellness which seems more surface style info and practical? Any advice/suggestions from anyone's who's done either? Thanks!

Comments for NUTRITION Certifications

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Higher Education
by: Valisa

I would advise you get a degree in nutrition. That is what I am doing and I have learned a lot more, plus it is very dangerous to give nutritional advice. Food is much more extensive of a topic than exercise.

Be a resource for your clients
by: Wendy B

I have been studying nutrition since 1991 and have a supplement business I work with as well. I have taken a nutrition course from my company that was very thorough to take and then I took the AFPA Nutrition and Wellness Consultant course. What I liked about it was it helped go through the consulting part of working with a client. Again I found it valuable although I did not agree with all the info in the course itself.

I don't believe one has to get a degree to serve the clients best interest. I have met some nutritionists who have degrees and they know less than I do, they are very closed minded.

If you are dedicated to learning and are a student to your craft you can be an excellent resource to your clients and that is ultimately what they are looking to you for.

All the best with your decision

by: Anonymous

I took the AFPA Nutrition and Wellness and the Personal Training. Felt they were both very basic and have discovered that it didn't really help me a whole lot. I don't regret taking it but I didn't get much out of it, don't want it to be a waste of money for you. Good Luck with your decision.

AFPA very professional
by: Deanna

I have recently received my PT with AFPA. After much research, definately found them to be 100% comparable to all others, in fact more professional. Taking their Nutrition and Wellness Cert.(very extensive course) as I feel it is imperative as a PT to be knowledgeable about this topic. Yes, I agree, that you can only advise them legally to a certain extent, but as one person said on this site, it is amazing how little some Nutritional Specialists really know!!

Hands on experience
by: Anonymous

Bodybuilders are the most experienced people when it comes to nutrition and diet. Their job is to add lean muscles (which is hard for most people) and lose fat. They want to stand on stage with 3-4 % of body fat to be able to win! They keep trying different approaches of diet until they find the formula that works best for them, yet they haven't studied or gained any Certs! What I want to say is that no matter how much you study, you need the experience.

nutrition certifications
by: Anonymous

i do not agree with this last comment. The problem is that a bodybuilder would benefit by also getting quality eduaction (real Science not gym science). This conversation is about helping others succeed not about how to make your body change. you need the experice and good quality certifications in nutrition in exercise. I have not been able to locate scienced based body building education except from Apex which no longer has there cert. Any suggestions for an advanced certification that is NCCA accredited.
I am currently studying the new NASM nutrition cert and have trained people for competiions.

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