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Personal Trainer Forum

Since first launching this site I have literally heard from thousands of you that you want a discussion forum to share ideas on matters that are important to your career. And in response to your requests, we are rolling out mini discussions across the site.

What is a Mini Discussion?

A mini discussion starts when one person submits a comment on one of our personal trainer web pages. Other people can read the comment, rate it and submit their own comments about what the first person said. It kind of snowballs from there.

Examples of Mini Discussions

The Best and Worst of Personal Training - What do you love and hate about being a personal trainer? Get an inside look at what it is really like to work as a personal trainer. Explore the Best and Worst of Parts of Becoming a Personal Trainer.

Salary Discussions - Nothing gets people talking more than money. This is where trainers talk about their personal trainer salary and income.

Certification Discussions - Choosing a certification is not easy. But finding out what a certification is like from the people who have actually been certified is a huge help. You can join in the lively discussions of...

Can-Fit-Pro and NESTA ...

...or tell us what you think is the best personal trainer certification.

Are you worried about getting ripped off by a lesser known certification? Check out the discussions and hard lessons from trainers that have been there and done that.

Exam Discussions - If you are preparing for an exam and need some advice, or if you have just taken a certification exam, tell us what it was like. Readers add their comments on exams from ACE, ACSM, NSCA, NASM, NCSF, NFPT, Cooper, ISSA, IFPA, Can-Fit-Pro and NESTA.

Job Discussions - Find out what the job is really like before you apply. Join in on the discussions about 24 Hour Fitness Jobs, Bally Total Fitness jobs , and Gold's Gym jobs.

Start Your Business - Discussions about launching your own business as an independent personal trainer and attracting new clients or targeting a niche market. Or check out the Personal Trainer Support Group where you can ask tell other trainers what you are struggling with, and get answers and advice in return. And even discussions on expanding your income.

Personal Trainer FAQ - If you need advice from our personal training community, ask a question and see it become part of our Personal Trainer FAQ. You can contribute to the FAQ by responding to questions submitted by other users. Rate and discuss the answers provided to each question.

Insurance and Legal Discussions - Need some advice on getting a good liability insurance policy? See what other personal trainers are saying about their insurance companies. Or ask a fitness attorney your legal questions.

Personal Trainer Certification Exam Questions - Readers are submitting more questions to our free personal training practice exam. Discuss and rate the questions, debate the answers, and submit your own questions to help the cause. You can also share your experiences and see what other trainers are saying about our Exam Prep Course.

Online Personal Training Directory - If you train clients online, add your free online profile to our Online Personal Training Directory. If you have worked with one of the trainers in the directory, you can rate them.

Become a Featured Trainer on our site - You can even submit whole articles about topics you know about (like Kettlebell, Zumba, Boxing, working with special needs clients, etc). And you get your name published on the article which is a great promotional tool for your business and we will even link the article to your personal trainer directory listing for a bigger promotional punch! Find out more here.

And you can even tell us what tools and topics you want to see on our site.

Mini-Discussion Contest

And coming soon we will be launching our first mini-discussion contest with hundreds of dollars of prizes to the people who submit the best questions, answers and comments in our mini-discussion forums.

By sharing our knowledge we can build the best free personal training community on the Internet...and win cash at the same time! More details are coming soon. But don't wait to submit your comments, anything you submit is automatically entered into our contest.

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