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ACSM Personal Trainer Exam

If you are interested in the ACSM fitness certification you are going to need to pass the ACSM exam. This is a very challenging test as you will see from our readers comments below. You need to have a strong knowledge of anatomy and nutrition. Find out what our readers have to say about the ACSM personal trainer exam.

ACSM Exam Requirements?

acsm practice test ACSM states that you need to be able to demonstrate competence in the key areas (KSA) listed in the Seventh edition of ACSM's Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription. You also need adequate skill in risk factor and health status identification, fitness appraisal, and exercise prescription. In other words, be able to accurately prescribe a safe and effective fitness program for both healthy adults and special needs clients.

The ACSM personal trainer must also demonstrate ability to deliver innovative activities that will improve an individual's functional capacity as well as effectively communicate with individuals regarding lifestyle modification

Even people experienced in exercise sciences will want to take a few months to prepare for the ACSM personal trainer exam. With retests costing $150 you definitely want to pass on the first time. Taking our exam review course is a cost effective way to know when you are ready for the ACSM test. ACSM also recommends attending one of their workshops. There is a one day workshop for experienced trainers and a three day workshop for the rest of us.

Preparing for the ACSM Personal Trainer Certification Test

There are lots of study materials available from ACSM and from independent sources . The official ACSM materials are a bit pricey but you can also buy used study materials on ebay. We used to point people toward the Morrison study guides but we received a lot of negative feedback. That is what prompted us to develop our own exam study course with over 750 practice questions to help you pass the ACSM exam.

What did you think of the ACSM Exam?

The section below gives our readers the chance to talk about their experience with the ACSM personal trainer certification test. After you take your exam, remember to come back and tell us how you did and what worked for you!

ACSM Exam Insider Tips

Our readers submit some great tips about passing the ACSM personal trainer certification exam. Read the tips and add your comments and ratings to each tip.

ACSM CPT passed on dec 25, 2012! 
done! it was hard, i did not ace it, but got enough knowledge to pass. i was studying for 3 months, mostly in the mornings while my kid was at school. …

Someone HELP! I've taken the test two times and failed already 
Ive taken the exam two times and have came so close to passing it each time last time I took it I failed with a 536 score..there are some questions that …

Just fresh from the ACSM CPT exam 
Hey everybody Writing to you all from Denmark. Today, I passed the ACSM CPT exam with 700 points out of 800, where 550 points are required to pass. …

just passed ACSM 3/1/2012 
I dont usually write out comments on websites but I personally felt this was a must. I just passed my ACSM CPT test today 3/1/2012. I must say this test …

ACSM CPT Passed 
passing ACSM exam today with 650: TIPS 1 - Purchase the exam prep from this site - gives you an EDGE you cannot obtain anywhere else. 2 - Acquire ACSM …

Just passed ACSM exam - take the workshop before you start studying 
I just took the ACSM exam yesterday and passed with a 606/800 (passing is 550). I wanted to write a review because I found the reviews I read on here prior …

KSA Question! 
I finished reading the 2 larger books (Resources for the PT & the Review book) and am on my way to do the practice exams from the Review book, ACSM website, …

Passed ACSM! 7.12.2011 
I passed with a score of 600. Passing is >550. I completed all SAPTB exams until I was making perfect scores, I attended the last day of the ACSM 3-day …

Just Passed ACSM! 
The ACSM exam was tough. Here's what I remember: 1. Risk stratification - several questions 2. Know the anatomy of the rotator cuff- which muscle abducts …

Passed ACSM exam today 4/7/2011 625/800 
First to the guy who posted over 100 things on the test THANK YOU .....I printed them out and wrote answers for each thing. The practice questions on …

Just Passed ACSM with a 593  
I just wanted to let you know that I passed the ACSM test. It took me just under the 2.5 hours alotted. I was pleased I purchased your test prep from this …

do NOT buy the practice exam from 
I just realized, after purchasing the practice exam from for some 40 or 50 bucks that almost EVERY question (out of 100) was in the appendix …

Passed ACSM exam Feb 2011 
Passed the ACSM cPT exam with 662/800. I did the 3-day workshop and though we didn't hands on all the equipment at the MASSIVE gym we were in, we went …

Just passed today 
ACSM is no joke!!! I just took the exam today and passed with a score of 702. The exam was very challenging, but what do you expect from the best. I …

ACSM CPT tips 
Hello all, first off just wanted to say that the other posts listing some of the topics to focus on are very helpful, please read them and it will help …

Fresh from the exam tips! 
I left the exam about an hour ago, and I wanted to write this up before I forget all of it! The tips given in the previous posts pretty much cover it. …

Just passed ACSM today!!! 
I took the Personal Trainer exam today and passed with a 743! I don't have any medical or exercise degrees, but I've been ACE certified before in both …

Passed ACSM exam using just Katie's prep course 
Hi just wanted to write and say thanks on producing your exam prep course. I passed the ACSM personal trainer exam today, first go! I couldn't afford …

Aced the Exam - Here's the Inside Scoop 
Let me give you guys a background before I get into details about the test. I just finished my Junior year as a Kinesiology major at a University. I have …

Just passed ACSM-CPT, few tips 
Few things to remember for when you actually go to the exam: dont bring your own calculator you have to use the one on the screen. in fact you literally …

Where do I begin studying? 
Ok, so I just bought all of the books for the ACSM Personal Trainer test... and I am a little confused about where exactly to start. I started reading …

I just passed the ACSM Exam 
Okay guys, I just passed the ACSM exam this morning, and I'm going to tell you some things that will hopefully alleviate some anxiety! I studied for 5 …

Need help passing the ACSM exam 
I have a few questions about passing the exam. First I have been reading the ACSM Certification Review book and I have been passing the practice questions …

Tips to Help You PASS!! 
I passed ACSM..YAY!! I thought the test was about the level of the practice exam available on this site, not as difficult as the quizzes in the ACSM Certification …

Click here to write your own.

I just passed the ACSM exam,my advice to you 
I read a lot about the ACSM exam before I took it,to find out what exactly I needed to know to pass.I wanted as much as an edge as I could get because …

Topics from the ACSM Test 
I was a business undergrad, not Exercise Science so I have been studying a lot for this. I took the test just to see how it compared to the ACSM Certification …

Memorize the calculations 
I prepared for the ACSM exam by taking the $375.00 workshop and had a study session with a former exam taker/passer. I did not pass the exam the first …

ACSM Exam Tips 
I recently passed the ACSM personal trainer exam on the first time around. It was hard, but I passed it and I am new to the industry (never certified …

ACSM exam tips 
Make sure you know what the joint is doing and in what plane the movement is in for the ACSM exam. Example: lumbar flexion - plane of motion is Sagital. …

ACSM Exam... Tougher Than a Two Dollar Steak! 
ACSM Exam... Tougher Than a Two Dollar Steak! I just finished taking the ACSM exam, (for the second time) and I have to say‚Ķ This is no walk in the park. …

How much should I study for the ACSM exam? 
I am studying for the ACSM certified personal trainer test and I feel overwhelmed. I have a full time job in an office and want this certification as a …

ACSM exam is not worth the effort 
Well I've talked to a few people who are majors in exercise science and they have failed the ACSM test. They told me the books are basically 2-3 years …

I Just Passed ACSM's CPT!!! -12/14/11 
I can gladly say that I am officially a certified Personal Trainer through ACSM. I passed with a 662. You need a 550 out of 800 to pass. Here are some …

Failed first attempt for ACSM Not rated yet
I just failed the ACSM test. I knew I wasn't 100% ready and was honestly hoping to just pass. I know it is not the best way to go about it. I self-studied …

Anybody take the ACSM Group Excercise Instructor Exam (GEI)? Not rated yet
Seen a ton of info on CPT but none on GEI? I'm getting ready to take GEI but would like to kmow what to focus materials? Sample exam questions? …

How I Passed the ACSM CPT Exam Not rated yet
Just passed the exam on Friday, 12/14/12. 731 out 800. Not bad. Here is what would be my suggestions followed by my study structure. But first, …

worth it's money! Not rated yet
This is a review of Katie's exam prep course found on this site. Even though I did not pass on my first try the info presented is very helpful and set-up …

This Prep Course is Worth it! Not rated yet
I took my CPT exam in January 2012 and have been meaning to write a review for a while. There is so much material to study and this prep course really …

I passed! (1/17/2012) Study Advice Not rated yet
I just got home from passing my ACSM PT exam. I can't really give hints as to what exactly was on it, I honestly don't remember because I was so worried …

Took the ACSM cPT and killed it! The preparatory course helped a ton! Not rated yet
I took the ACSM cPT test two days ago. Passing is 550 and I scored 644 :-). I owe a huge thanks to the fine people who submitted testimonials on here …

ACSM crammer! Not rated yet
Just passed the exam on the first try with a 643! A little background- I have a BSE in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics. …

Just took it today and passed! Not rated yet
Background: I passed the ACSM PT test with a score of 612. I have a bs in accounting and took no exercise science/personal trainer type classes in college. …

ACSM Success Not rated yet
Dear Katie, I have been losing sleep over my ACSM personal trainer test for over a year, but I bought your prep course a few days before my test and …

Make sure how to apply what you know Not rated yet
I took the ACSM today, Passed it! HOWEVER here is the following information regarding what I did and how I did it. First of all I am a Sports and Exercise …

Challenging exam but prep course helped Not rated yet
I just passed the ACSM Exam last week and it was fairly challenging even with the study materials from ACSM and having prepared for nine months. I took …

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