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Someone HELP! I've taken the test two times and failed already

by Chris Reynolds
(Arlington, Texas)

Ive taken the exam two times and have came so close to passing it each time last time I took it I failed with a 536 score..there are some questions that I keep seeing over and over:
1)What does too much protein do to your body over a prolonged period of time?

2)What muscle is used during flexion from the standing position?

3)What is an acceptable substitute for the "sit and reach" test?

4)What muscle is used during forceful inspiration?

5)What muscle is used during forceful expiration?

6)What is the correct way to spot a lunge/shoulder press/dumbbell fly/bench press?

7) What muscles are used/stretched when walking or running downhill and walking or running up hill?

8)How often do you drink water in humid weather and hot weather?

9)How do you determine body alignment in a potential client? Specifically where to observe

10)What do you look for when a client complains of ankle edema?

11)What does the ACSM say the RPE should be for untrained and then trained clients?

and if someone could please help me understand how to determine "Ideal Body Weight" that would be most helpful. I have purchased the study guide from this site and will be going through it. I have started to mark down the topics I need to further study as well as just memorize the answers from here. Being that I dont know exactly how many of these questions will be on the exam its hard to have a good basis as where to start. Im probably just over thinking everything but still. Thanks to anyone that can help. If you have a good review that you used to pass the test I'd love to see it...mine i think is so in depth that its over whelming!

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To Chris from Texas
by: Anonymous


Hi Chris,

Have you written flash cards while reading your text book or after, and then studied them over and over, especially on the subjects that seem to be most challenging for you? If you haven't- then do it, if you are serious about passing the exam. Yes, it will take you longer-but then you will know what you need to know to pass the test.

I am sure you can easily find answers to those questions you listed in you textbook. Do it, and write them down on a card. Then make many more cards on different subjects that may not be clear enough for you now. And then flip (I mean know) those cards very well. Exposing yourself to the material again and again-especially from different sources- will help you understand and retain the material better.

If you got a DVD with your textbook-watch it and try to understand what muscles are doing what during a particular movement.

Personnaly, I may not remember several days later everything important I have read on some page (that's why I write my own flash cards), but I remember faily well what I saw on DVDs many, many days later.

Also, to learn/recall a muscle action, try to visualize the movement, or better yet, reproduce it, and visualize what the muscles involved do during this movement. Employ your visual sense too. It should help you.


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