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Get Started - 8 Simple Steps to Success

Step 1:
Is Personal Training
Right for Me?

Step 2:
Get Certified
Step 3:
Get the Job
Step 4:
Launch Your Business
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Train Smarter

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Personal Training Jobs

It's a good time to be a trainer because personal training jobs are everywhere. Many gyms are struggling to fill spots. And if you check out our job board you will find endless job openings at Bally's, Gold's and 24 Hour Fitness.

Welcome to Step 3 of our Guide. In this step we will help you get your personal training job. Whether you are newly certified or a training veteran, the tools you will find in Step 3 will help advance your career.

We start out by discussing the Employee Track. The Employee Track is often the best choice for somebody just starting out as a personal trainer. You can develop your skills and practice working with clients all while getting paid a guaranteed wage.

Since you are already certified, there is no more investment to be made. You can just jump in and start your personal training career.

But once you plateau, you will want to consider jumping to the Business Track in Step 4.

The Employee Track

        Writing your Resume
        Sample Personal Trainer Resumes
        Personal Training Job Board

        What's it Like working for...

              24 Hour Fitness
              Bally Total Fitness
              Gold's Gym

        Job Interview Questions

personal training jobsBut we also understand that most newly certified personal trainers often need some mentoring as they transition into their first jobs. With that in mind, we have created some resources to help trainers build their confidence including our personal trainer support group.

    Shadowing a Personal Trainer

    Personal Trainer Support Group

    Our Exercise Video Reference Guide

    AFAA Workout Index
        Leg Curl
        Back Squat
        Unilateral Reverse Fly
        Chest Fly
        Supinated Wrist Curl
        Lat Pulldown
        Side Lunge
        Reverse Fly

    Indoor Full Body Workout Index
        Russian Squats
        Ab Crunches
        Back Extensions
        Bicep Curls
        Front Raise
        Barbell Row
        Tricep Extension
        Posterior Flies

    Outdoor Workout Index
        Outdoor Warm Up
        One-Legged Squat
        Calf Raise
        Elastic Training


The Personal Training Job Market

These personal training jobs are in such demand for two reasons. Firstly, overall demand for personal training continues to grow as more people understand what a personal trainer can do for them.

The second reason is due to the increase in personal trainers who are starting their own business. Many people use the entry level personal training jobs as a proving ground to hone their skills. After a couple of years (or even a couple of months) you can learn so much and build a loyal client following that you are ready to make the leap into your own business.

But First You have to Get the Job!

So take a look at these job opportunities. There is a lot of competition out there so do your research to make sure you are getting the best deal. Here's the steps to follow:

1) Start out by browsing the available jobs in your area. You can check out our job board to find the jobs you may be interested in.

2) You can then manually post your resume on popular sites like Yahoo, Monster and Careerbuilder or if you are lazy like me you can use a service to plaster your resume all over the internet.

3) Determine what you are worth in your market. If you have read our salary pages, you know that the salary rates are all over the place. One of the best ways to prepare for salary negotiations is to get a detailed salary report for your region.

4) Be aggressive! You are in demand. Don't be afraid to negotiate.

New! Comments

Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.

And remember to come back and share your successes with us! I will post your success stories to encourage other trainers to find the personal training jobs that are right for them.


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