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Personal Trainer Support Line

Sometimes personal trainers need a little help. Once you are certified, working or running your own business, there aren't always a lot of people around to get advice. Thats why we created this page.

If you have a question, you can ask it. Or you can help another trainer by answering their questions below.

  • Maybe you just never could master a particular exercise?

  • Do you have a problem client?

  • Is there an area where you will your knowledge is weak?

Whatever your issue is, ask below. We can all learn from each other.


What Issues are you Dealing with as a Personal Trainer?

We all need help from time to time. So ask your question or help somebody by answering their questions below.

Personal Trainer Support Group

Check out what other personal trainers are struggling with on the job. Jump in and share your views and answer questions.

As a trainer going through peri menopause I am not as lean as I used to be. My waist isn't as small and I am not as firm. I am not So "obviously" fit. …

New Trainer with a few questions 
Where would you place the client primary goal in the exercise regimen? How many exercises would you allocate to the client's primary goal? How many …

Some clients always late paying for sessions. 
How do you handle if clients, once they run out of sessions keep forgetting to pay. They are with me for years. I do not have to worry getting paid, …

Personal Trainers - What are the advantages/disadvantages of being independent? 
I'm just curious what all of you think or thought about when you were considering moving from working for a gym (chain or studio) to working as an independent …

What clients want Vs. that I believe they need 
I have been a trainer for about 8 years and one of my biggest struggles still lingers. I'm sure we all have clients that come in and want you to just really …

I need to hire a couple of trainers full time. 
I am having trouble finding a source for4 finding Trainers. I have exhausted my client base to find what I want. Anyone with Ideas will be very graciously …

New Personal Trainers 
I am an experienced Fitness Coach. I am currently looking for new Fitness Trainers who may be struggling to establish themselves in the industry. I …

Personal Trainer Software 
I am looking for software to create workouts, plan diets, track progress, manage my schedule. What is the best one's out there?

Member at one gym, training classes at another competitive gym... 
I live in a small town. The gym I have membership at has childcare, which is huge for me as I have a 3 year old. They are highly competitive and have …

independent trainer NY sales tax 
hi i own a personal training gym in new york city , i have found out that i must pay new york city sales tax. my question is this : i allow independent …

Do you charge extra for designing workouts for your clients? 
Quick snapshot of my business, I left a big box gym in November of 2014 to start my own business. We offer mobile physical therapy and mobile and in …

How do you create client workouts? 
I have been a personal trainer for 14 years but only went "full-time" with it a year ago. I create a new workout for my clients each session because I …

Building a home gym 
I am getting whip lash by reading everything about gym floors, do tiles vs roll, 3/8" is fine or nothing less than 1" will do, put the rubber …

Personal trainer business coach 
Hi Does anyone know a good and trust worthy business coach for personal trainer?

Personal Trainer Equipment Issues 
I recently started my own personal training company for in- home or on location training. I have a few clients already and things are looking good. My …

Abs Training 
Good Day, my name is Mariette, I am a personal trainer for 2 years now. I have a client that I struggle to help. Her body is in good shape, but she …

Client Assessment Requirements 
Hi Guys, I am a part-time self employed personal trainer and Boot Camp instructor and have been for about a year and a half. I am insured and make sure …

Dealing with Difficult Clients 
I have a client that I am training who has recently had rotator cuff surgery, so she can not do exercises that require her to lift her arms over her head …

record keeping 
What is the most effective way to keep all of your clients organized as far as paperwork goes. Do I need a notebook for each one? Or should I have everything …

Am I too Fat to be a Personal Trainer? 
I am an overweight Personal Trainer! I am struggling with opening an at home business because of my weight. This has never taking away the passion I …

Where Should You Trainer Your Clients? 
I currently PT out of the YMCA and USF. I am wanting to know if I have clients that are referred to me to train and are willing to pay me, how do I find …

New Trainer: Start my own business or work for a gym? 
I know this sounds like I'm putting the cart before the horse. My original plan was to get certified and get a job at a gym. But I'm just so appalled at …

How to Find a Personal Trainer to Shadow 
I got my cert. about 1 year ago through AFPA but I do not feel as if I could actually go out and train someone. I'm feeling like I am missing a part of …

Mastering the squat 
I have a client who is 30 lbs. overweight and cannot execute a squat. She cannot lower her glutes enough so continues to move forward with knees over the …

Click here to write your own.

No Weight Loss? 
I have a substantial client base, but regardless of what I do with some clients, they are not experiencing weight loss. I have studied nutrition, my sessions …

Can I Work 2 Jobs as a Personal Trainer? 
Hi, I'm just certified and decided to work first as an employee for a chain or so to get more experience and confidence before launching my own business …

Personal Trainer Safety Concerns 
Do any PTs ever worry about their personal safety in regards to in-home personal training? It seems like you are putting yourself in a vulnerable position …

Do you have your clients sign a commitment contract? 
Do you have your clients sign a "letter of intent" or some kind of contract. I recently started a personal training business, I have 5 clients, but should …

Programs for different clients using 1RM testing 
Can someone please tell me where I could find more info on prescribing a fitness plan using data obtained for a client using 1RM test? I can find a lot …

Personal Trainer Survival Tips 
With lots of talk about recession in the news, many new personal trainers are worried about their businesses. Will their clients cut back? How do we …

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