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Abs Training

Good Day, my name is Mariette, I am a personal trainer for 2 years now.

I have a client that I struggle to help. Her body is in good shape, but she has this very, very flabby abs. She is a client with me for more than a year, but her abs we just don't get right. I don't know how to help her anymore. Please, help.

Comments for Abs Training

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turn the focus away from the abs
by: Jordan H.

Try not focusing on ab movements and incorporate big muscle group movements instead. Squats, Deadlifts, Pullups, Clean and Jerks, Snatches, etc.

For cardio, switch it up with some anaerobic sprint training. 10-30 seconds on with 1-5 mins off repeated for 20-30mins. Sprint doesn't have to mean run either, it can be any activity (swimming, jumping, tire flips, sledge strikes, bag kicks, jab cross combo, etc) performed at an all out effort for 10-30 seconds.

As for diet I advise my clients to focus on getting in 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight per day while keeping their carbs to about 1/2g per pound of bodyweight per day. Their diet is mostly lean meats, lean dairy, and veggies, with fruit being eaten post workout along with some source of protein. As for meal timing I advise eating within 1 hour after waking up then every 2-4 hours following. This is basically a paleolithic style of eating but adding in dairy.

Personal Trainer/ Physical & Health Education Teacher
by: Anonymous

It would depend on the clients history. Many facotors can come into play with "flabby abs". If she has had children this stretches out the skin, for some so much that the only way to fix it is for surgery. Other potential causes would be previous obesity. When a person loses a lot of weight quickly the skin sometimes does not catch up very quickly. Depending on the previous size it too may be stretched out similar to pregnancy. Of course the other cause could be fat in which case more weight loss could be the answer. Good Luck!

belly fat
by: Anonymous

It's about diet at that point. You can add as much muscle as you want in the abs, but it's just gonna look bigger. You can add as much shoulder, leg, and back muscle as you want, but it's just gonna make her feel bigger when her shirt doesn't fit the way she wants it to. This client needs to lose fat, simple as that. Multiply her desired bodyweight by 12, have that as her calorie goal. Have her eat every three hours that she's awake and have her eat nothing but vegetables and protein for one week. Tell her to fill a pint glass full of water every single time she's hungry and to finish it instead of snacking in between.
Have her try and literally eliminate carbs from her diet for a short time, explaining that this is not a healthy lifestyle choice any more than squatting your personal record, or running a marathon every day, or whatever will speak to her... would be. It's a one-week diet "workout" that will make her body eat its own fat and build muscle. After that week, have her re-integrate healthy carbs- whole grains, quinoa, brown rice, etc (all of which will taste delicious after a week away from sugar and processed grains)- back into her world and go back to her routine. Works for me.

Flabby Abs
by: Kelly

If your client still has flabby abs, check the following:
Her nutrition. Sounds like too much sugar or alcohol.

Her cardio. Increase it.

Her collagen. How old is she and does she have any stretch marks? If yes, then she has probably dropped a significant amount of weight and just doesn't have the collagen amounts to make her skin tight. Try a tightening/cellulite cream to assist.

Weights. Add weights to the ab part of the workout.

To progress, you'd have to give more details about "flabby abs" and what exactly that means.

Flabby Abs
by: Naples FL CPT

Try incorporating an ab specific HIIT program. Keep it short to just 2-3 rounds of 3-4 movements at 30 second all out and 90-120 second rest intervals. Keep her moving during the rest intervals though. Overall the incorporation of these exercises shouldn't take more than about 20 minutes. This will target the muscles specifically in that area and typically 20-30 minutes of HIIT will burn off as many calories as 1-1 1/2 hours of cardio. I have been personally using this method to get rid of some stubborn excess in my love handles. No amount of sit ups and leg lifts seemed to work so I decided to incorporate this and have been seeing amazing results.

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