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Get Started - 8 Simple Steps to Success

Step 1:
Is Personal Training
Right for Me?

Step 2:
Get Certified
Step 3:
Get the Job
Step 4:
Launch Your Business
Step 5:
Train Smarter

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Personal Trainer Career Info

You've made it to Step 4 where we Launch your Personal Training Career. You have read all the personal trainer career info that came with your certification program, you have gone through the first 3 steps of our guide faithfully, you've slogged away at that big name gym for little pay....and now...

It is Time To Decide!

Are you Ready to Start your Business?

personal trainer career infoThe Business Track is for individuals that want to run their own independent personal training business. You not only need to be a good personal trainer, but also a good business manager. It is a juggling act so it is important to be confident in your training abilities before you consider launching your business.

This step is so much more involved than how to become a personal trainer. It is about creating a lasting business that will grow and reap significant rewards for many years. Its normal for you to feel nervous about this huge leap. So we give you a chance to ask questions below and see how other personal trainers say about starting their businesses.

We break down every step into simple tasks in our Start Up Checklist. Just work your way through the checklist and you will launch your personal trainer business the right way.

Step 4 Index

    The Business Track
        Writing a Business Plan
        Developing Your Budget
        Logo Design and Business Cards
        Attracting New Clients
        Marketing and Promotions
        Liability Insurance
        Insurance Buying Tips
        Legal Issues
        Business Software
        Personal Trainer Web Sites
        Personal Training Franchises
    Working With Clients

        Handling the Initial Inquiry Call
        The Introductory Consultation
        Personal Training Forms
            Agreement Form and Policies
            Medical Questionnaire
            Liability Waiver
            Client Performance Tracking
            Workout History
            Activity Log

        Should You Date Your Clients?
        Tips for Keeping Happy Clients
        Personal Trainer Support Group
        Expanding Your Income

Questions about Starting your Personal Training Business?

You can ask your questions below or share your personal stories about launching your own independent business as a personal trainer.

Start your Business Discussion

Check out what other personal trainers are saying about starting their independent personal training business. Jump in and share your views and answer questions.

Working from my Physical Therapists buisness 
Hi I am starting personal training program on Saturdays that emphasizes a somatic(body/mind) approach to movement. The PT practice i work at once a week …

Best place to train clients 
I have numerous options available for training locations for my clients so I need some feedback to hone down those options: The following are locations, …

Training at a Home Gym 
I have owned a Pilates studio for 4 years.I recently moved to another state So starting form scratch. I have been teaching at local gyms for the past 2 …

accepting/processing credit card payments from clients 
I am wondering if anyone has a tried and true system of accepting credit card payments from clients? Could we start a discussion? I have read up on mobile …

iPad and Android apps for Personal Trainers 
Are there any iPad, iPhone, Android or other mobile phone apps that you may be using for everyday business as a personal trainer?

Transitioning to Your Own Business 
I've been working out and been a health knowledge sponge for around 7 years now. Recently within the last 3 years I was turned on to Paul Chek's teachings …

Part-time Personal Training on the weekends? 
Hows it going everyone, here is my question. I have lifted for a long time, i enjoy it and enjoy working out with people teaching or learning,that is how …

How much should I charge? 
I recently became a CPT and I have a lot of contact with the local high schools in my area. I had a meeting with a Athletic director today and they want …

LLC vs. S-corp 
I am in the process of establishing my own business as an independent contractor working mostly in clients homes, local parks and gyms. I am wondering …

Personal Training Tax Questions 
I am a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and boot camp owner.I train clients in gyms, at their homes, I teach classes at various gyms and have …

Mobile Personal Training Business 
I am chomping at the bits. I want to start my own business where i go to client's homes (particularly women). Has anyone else had experience with this …

Train Clients at the Gym 
I am a owner of a small gym in Mobile, AL and were trying to figure out how much would be a fair amount to charge our personal trainer (who wants to go …

Getting started on on-line training  Not rated yet
I have recently received my Personal Training certification through NASM. I am ambitious about training working moms via smartphone FaceTime/ Skype and …

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