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iPad and Android apps for Personal Trainers

Are there any iPad, iPhone, Android or other mobile phone apps that you may be using for everyday business as a personal trainer?

*** Editor's note: Original request was made specific to the Ipad but I expanded the question to include other common platforms like Android and iphone in interest of our readers having a more general discussion on the use of mobile phone apps by personal trainers. ***

Comments for iPad and Android apps for Personal Trainers

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IPad IPhone Apps for Trainerd
by: Fitness Builders 4 Life

I use Muscle 3D total body muscle chart along with primary & secondary muscle Groups and the proper exercises to work the group you are targeting also stretches for said group

Bootcamp Workouts for mobile devices
by: Garry

There is an e-book of bootcamp workouts that has been designed and formatted specifically for smart mobile devices.

Its not exactly an interactive app but works really well in the field.

You can get a free sample from


Personal trainer app for business
by: Anonymous

What do you think of the app for iphone personal trainer pro for busniess?

The Training Notebook
by: The Training Notebook developer

The Training Notebook iPad App is
A All-in-One Training App for Fitness Professionals

*Client database management
*Planning & execution of fitness training
*Timer for interval training
****And much more!
All for just $14.99 at the Itunes App store!

Check it out at

Personal Trainers ipad App
by: Matt Samuel

Hey guys! you should also check out "the training notebook" iPad App on the iTunes store. I have been using it for the past 6 months and I have gotten away from pen and paper. This App has everything... PAR-Q, body fat assessment calculator, program pages kind of like a excel and the app even has a timer. I use to use google docs and tabata pro but this is better because it's made with a personal trainers in mind. I use this App every day and it's made my job a lot easier.


The Training Notebook for Android
by: Allan

Hi there

I have read your comments about The Training Notebook with much interest and it sounds to be exactly what I need but . . . is it available for an android platform???

Dietio Mobile.
by: Julian Howard

The Dietio Mobile app is currently in BETA stage but will soon be available for personal trainers to use on iOS too.

Although the BETA version is a little rough around the edges I have been able to use it with my clients and loved it. You can set detailed diet plans, exercise plans, motivate your clients and chat with them - all through this app. Their is also a huge built in food database which makes setting these diet plans so much easier.

I also have started more online training for new clients and this really is the perfect platform to do this, although you have to take payments in your own way - you can manage your clients who you don't see face to face so easily!

Hope this helps and you try it out, I think you can still register for a free account and to use the app for nothing for 3 months at


I Use Lumon Fit
by: Anonymous

These look like great apps, but I use lumon fit. Check out the website at

Training timer app for personal trainers
by: Robert

I've used the Training Notebook, it's pretty good.

Also check out the '3 in 1 Timer'. It's for the iPad and it has a customizable interval timer, stopwatch and countdown timer.

Its easy to use, and large buttons, like for my chubby fingers. haha

Hope this helps!! :)

The Training Notebook is the lesser evil but still won't cut it
by: Corporate Officer of some gyms

We have iPads for our trainers and you can backup plans to google docs but can't import them into the app from google docs. We want cloud functionality. Honestly, screw the timer. ParQ is wonderful. Clients don't sync across multiple devices. Neither do assessments, workouts, etc. This is crucial. I have seriously considered learning how to develop apps just so I can create this wonderful idea. Unfortunately, it is inefficient for me to do so. The training notebook would be great for one trainer who happens to own an iPad but the big bucks for you developers would be making the app for the entire personal training company. Would it not? Anyway, someone is welcome to run with this idea, in an age when 99+% of trainers will be incorporating devices/ apps into their sessions before the decade is done.

For Trainer and Client?
by: Lou Drakulich

Being a dinosaur, I know others my age are not keen to doing everything on a pad, many prefer paper. Are these programs used by the PT only or are they for the client to use as well?

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