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Starting a Personal Training Business Blog

Here are all the Latest Additions to Our Site!

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So Here is all the New Stuff!

Complete Training System Launches

Full tool set for Personal Trainers to take their business to the next level. Web based system helps trainers work with clients and add additonal revenue streams like nutrition services, calorie tracking and online training.

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Personal Training Software

Hi, I am opening a personal training studio and are looking for software that can help me track my clients progress and give them a great visual tool.

Continue reading "Personal Training Software"

Personal Trainer Development Center Reviews - PTDC

I was checking out the Personal Trainer Development Center and was hoping to hear any experiences working with their online trainer exam program. I want

Continue reading "Personal Trainer Development Center Reviews - PTDC"

Gym Refuses To Put Agreement in Writing

I'll try to keep this as concise as possible but its complicated. I was laid off from a good paying construction project management job in 2009. After

Continue reading "Gym Refuses To Put Agreement in Writing"

ACSM Pass First Attempt

I'm sorry this turned out so long- but hopefully you will find something useful in it! I studied for 3 and a half months and passed on my first attempt!

Continue reading "ACSM Pass First Attempt"


As a trainer going through peri menopause I am not as lean as I used to be. My waist isn't as small and I am not as firm. I am not So obviously fit. I'm

Continue reading "Menopause"

business proposal generator

how many times/plans can you make with the business proposal generator.

Continue reading "business proposal generator"

Insurance/Legalities for a garage gym

I'm finishing up my certification and am trying to get a head start on my business plan. I want to be online mostly but I have a personal garage gym that

Continue reading "Insurance/Legalities for a garage gym"

Certificate vs. Certification

Certificate versus certification I graduated this past December with a Career Studies Certificate in Personal Training. I do not have a Certification

Continue reading "Certificate vs. Certification"

Requirements to Launch Global Online Fitness Training Program

What certification(s) do you need to be covered for legal and insurance purposes to launch a global online fitness training program? Each country has its

Continue reading "Requirements to Launch Global Online Fitness Training Program"

Nutrition Coach

Has anyone taken the certification for Nutrition Coach with AFAA ? I am very interested in nutrition but would like to see the course content before hand

Continue reading "Nutrition Coach"

Speaking for ISSA

I took the course because I am not good at taking tests. Because they are timed, so I end up trying to go fast and don't do well. Even when I know the

Continue reading "Speaking for ISSA"

Is a NASM CPT Certification valid in all states?

Is a NASM CPT Certification valid in all states? I plan to take my test in Oregon on my vacation, but I live in Arizona. If I get my cert in Oregon will

Continue reading "Is a NASM CPT Certification valid in all states?"

NASM-CPT in 1 week!!!

Ok, firstly I have to say that I DO NOT recommend doing it this in the slightest but, I had an opportunity to become a personal trainer at a private gym

Continue reading "NASM-CPT in 1 week!!! "

What Courses have the best Visual Learning Materials.

I have read multiple learning materials especially baking books and have acknowledge some of the strength and weaknesses in explaining the ideas, the thoughts

Continue reading "What Courses have the best Visual Learning Materials."

NPTI MN don't hate the player, hate your game

I am a graduate of NPTI MN (April to October 2018) and I appreciate the value in education I received. I do not believe this school is for everyone.

Continue reading "NPTI MN don't hate the player, hate your game"

Legal, Ethical, Security and Trust Issues

hi, im wanting to start up an online personal training business and was wondering what are the Legal, ethical, security and trust issues that i have to

Continue reading "Legal, Ethical, Security and Trust Issues"

New Trainer with a few questions

Where would you place the client primary goal in the exercise regimen? How many exercises would you allocate to the client's primary goal? How many exercises

Continue reading "New Trainer with a few questions"

Some clients always late paying for sessions.

How do you handle if clients, once they run out of sessions keep forgetting to pay. They are with me for years. I do not have to worry getting paid,

Continue reading "Some clients always late paying for sessions."

Is this site still supported?

Is this site still supported? I am interested so I can pass NSCA - CPT and CSCS later on. Thanks!

Continue reading "Is this site still supported?"

Up to date?

Is this test prep up to date? Thanks so much!

Continue reading "Up to date?"


I was wondering which certification to get. I asked three gyms and they gave me three different answers. I was searching online for a solid answer and

Continue reading "Certification"

NPTI in Minnesota is a scam

This school is absolute scam! If you ever come across any positive reviews about NPTI in Minnesota, please be aware these reviews were written before the

Continue reading "NPTI in Minnesota is a scam"

Cost to acquire a client?

Has anybody ever worked out their average marketing cost to acquire one new client? I'm thinking about becoming independent and am trying to think of all

Continue reading "Cost to acquire a client?"

Personal Trainers - What are the advantages/disadvantages of being independent?

I'm just curious what all of you think or thought about when you were considering moving from working for a gym (chain or studio) to working as an independent

Continue reading "Personal Trainers - What are the advantages/disadvantages of being independent?"

What clients want Vs. that I believe they need

I have been a trainer for about 8 years and one of my biggest struggles still lingers. I'm sure we all have clients that come in and want you to just really

Continue reading "What clients want Vs. that I believe they need"


Looking to pass the NSCA - CPT test. Does this course cover that? I show many others but this one is not shown under “covers all major certifications.”

Continue reading "NSCA - CPT"

Client broke contract

I have a client that has signed a legal contract with me. On her first day to start, she has broken the contract and does not wish to pay. on the contract

Continue reading "Client broke contract"

Nutrition exam questions

Training at gym

Can personal trainer assess and plan a meal plan for a client under his certification.

Continue reading "Nutrition exam questions"

NFPT exam is very hard

I just went in to take the exam. It was extremely difficult and absolutely nothing on the study guide was mentioned anywhere on the exam. It was all about

Continue reading "NFPT exam is very hard"

New Pilates Instructor

I am beginning to teach in NYC as an independent contractor (will be using various spaces) and want to make sure that I have all the proper waiver forms

Continue reading "New Pilates Instructor"

Training a friend for free

I am a certified personal trainer through NASM. I do not have liability insurance any more as the company I worked for decided to close down. THey had

Continue reading "Training a friend for free"

Laws for Personal Trainers

What laws do personal trainers need to be aware of for example, Trade Descriptions Act, Data Protection Act, Consumer Protection Act, Health & Safety Act,

Continue reading "Laws for Personal Trainers"

Great First Cert!

I got signed up with ACTION before the NCCA accreditation. I waited until that was attained and then proceeded. I passed my CPT test in 2014. I didn't

Continue reading "Great First Cert!"

Not Satisfied with AFAA/NASM

I purchased the AFAA group fitness certification last year and tried to sign up to take the test through (their chosen exam proctoring service)

Continue reading "Not Satisfied with AFAA/NASM"

lawsuit Examples

Hello, I am a Kisiosology Student at a University, and I am taking a required Business law class. I need to do a presentation for law class that has

Continue reading "lawsuit Examples"

I need to hire a couple of trainers full time.

I am having trouble finding a source for4 finding Trainers. I have exhausted my client base to find what I want. Anyone with Ideas will be very graciously

Continue reading "I need to hire a couple of trainers full time."

Want to open a small personal training gym in NYC

I heard about a permit called the Physical Culture Establishment Permit needed if you open an exercise studio in NY. It sounds like it is impossible for

Continue reading "Want to open a small personal training gym in NYC"

ace certifiction personal trainer

I ordered the premium package which included the ebooks and on line videos as well as quizzes. I prepared for the test with four months of study 5-6 hours

Continue reading "ace certifiction personal trainer"

Trying to figure out how up-to-date this is 3/15/17

All these posts are great and very inspiring but, very few if any posts have dates on them. I have seen a few posts in other sections with dates as far

Continue reading "Trying to figure out how up-to-date this is 3/15/17"

Great product POOR customer service

I would love to give a 5 star because it is a great program and I have learned a lot .However, the unclear and miscommunication is a BIG problem and expensive

Continue reading "Great product POOR customer service"

Use "PT" in your name if you are a Personal Trainer

Hi I'm Eric from Chicago. I just started a business using an LLC and have PT next to my last name because I used it a lot when I was in the Marine Corps.

Continue reading "Use "PT" in your name if you are a Personal Trainer"


I am thinking about taking the NASM certification. I was wondering which is the best package to purchase. How has NASM helped you with your career or hasn't.

Continue reading "Information "

Failed twice

Hello, I scored 90% percent on the exam that came with the study material and needless to say I failed. I studied harder and missed it by 3 points the

Continue reading "Failed twice"

the essentials of science book is the best bet.

when i first started studying for this test i thought i was gonna pass it with flying colors but when i got there i had absolutely no clue about half the

Continue reading "the essentials of science book is the best bet."

New Personal Trainers

I am an experienced Fitness Coach. I am currently looking for new Fitness Trainers who may be struggling to establish themselves in the industry. I am

Continue reading "New Personal Trainers"

Independent Trainer Agreements

We run a studio in California with a number of independent contractor personal trainers. We are interested in putting together agreements that meet all

Continue reading "Independent Trainer Agreements"

Get The Money

In the 16 years I have been a personal trainer, I am often taken aback by how many other trainers struggle. On their websites and brochures they proudly

Continue reading "Get The Money"

Being Self Employed

I really shouldn't complain. I have been a personal trainer for about 16 years now. I have my own private studio. I have about 30-35 training hours per

Continue reading "Being Self Employed"

up to date?

How up to date is your test prep? I have the ACE 5th edition and curious if its based on this latest edition.

Continue reading "up to date?"

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