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Personal Trainer Certification Course

We searched the Internet for tools that would help prepare you for the personal training tests. But the products we reviewed were all disappointing.

So we decided to build our own Online Exam Prep Course!

If you are preparing to take a personal trainer certification exam, then you are going to want to take our online review course. Our goal was to deliver Twice the Content at Half the Price. And if you don't pass, we will give you Double your Money Back!

Here is What You Get

  • Over 750 Practice Questions including Practical Questions, Video Questions and Case Studies

  • Detailed Explanations for questions to help you understand the correct answer

  • Over 28 quizzes and a Final Exam to Measure your Progress

  • Covers all Major Certification Exams including ACE, ACSM, ACTION, AFAA, AFPA, ISSA, IFPA, NASM, NCSF, NFPT, NSCA, NPTI, NESTA, WITS, CanFitPro and many others

  • 9-day online study planner to help you organize your studying (course has no time limits!)

  • Pass the Exam or Double your Money Back! Our exam failure rates are so low that if you don't pass your exam, we will give you Double your Money Back. No risk to you. Our money back guarantee is the ultimate exam insurance*

personal trainer certification course

The Ultimate Exam Insurance

Avoid having to pay costly retest fees by passing your exam the first time!

Our Personal Trainer Certification Course helps you avoid wasting time and money (up to $185 for some certs) by helping you know when you are ready to pass the exam the first time.

Exam Topics Covered

We cover all the areas of the major certification exams and give you lots of practice questions. With so many questions, there is a much higher chance of seeing familiar questions on your certification exam.

Topics Covered Include
Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology and Biomechanics
Client Assessment
Program Design
Exercise Technique
Safety, Legal and Business Issues
Training Special Populations (Children, Seniors, Obese, Injured Persons)

You get our Certification Prep Course, the 230 page e-book for offline studying, along with our Double your Money Back Guarantee for only $32.95. Pay securely with your credit card or Paypal to access the immediate download.

ADD TO CART - $32.95 - Online Course plus Course Book

Still Not Sure?

Take our five question Sample Personal Training Test. And with over 750 practice questions in our online exam prep course, chances are you are going to see dozens of familiar questions on your certification exam. You can also review the testimonials and FAQ below.


1) We don't just tell you that you got the question wrong, we tell you *WHY* you got the question wrong.

personal trainer exam


2) Each quiz has a table of contents that gives you instant feedback on your results. You can quickly navigate to review questions you got incorrect.

personal trainer study guide


3) Determine your readiness for the exam with our instant feedback

PT test review


4) Our 9 Day Study Planner will guide you through all of the topics on the certification exams

cert exam study


You get our Certification Prep Course, the 230 page e-book for offline studying, along with our Double your Money Back Guarantee for only $32.95. Pay securely with your credit card or Paypal to access the immediate download.

ADD TO CART - $32.95 - Online Course plus Course Book


What did you think of the Course?

Here's your chance to have share what you thought about our review course. Did it help you pass your exam? Would you recommend it to a friend? Was the price fair?

You can also Ask a question, submit a comment, or even rant or rave about our certification review course.

Certification Exam Prep Course Discussion

Read what other people are saying or asking about our certification review course. Click on each link to read the comments submitted by our readers.

Up to date? 
Is this test prep up to date? Thanks so much!

Looking to pass the NSCA - CPT test. Does this course cover that? I show many others but this one is not shown under “covers all major certifications.” …

Trying to figure out how up-to-date this is 3/15/17 
All these posts are great and very inspiring but, very few if any posts have dates on them. I have seen a few posts in other sections with dates as far …

up to date? 
How up to date is your test prep? I have the ACE 5th edition and curious if its based on this latest edition.

Is this updated for the 5th edition of NASM? 
Just wondering if this course is updated for the 5th edition of the NASM PT Cert

Just took ACSM exam 7/21 & I passed! 
I don't have a question, but just wanted to say thank you. I used this site as a review, and went over the quizzes in their entirety. When I sat for …

It Helped 
I took the ACE personal trainer exam today and passed on the first try!!! The tests on this site were so helpful and many of the questions were very similar. …

Hi! I take the NESTA PFT Exam in about 2 weeks and I've been studying a lot but there's so much info to review and I am looking for a practice tests …

I am looking for help on passing the AFFA certification, I am not very good at test taking. What sets you apart from all others online that offer similiar …

More Course Reviews 
Before getting the exam prep course I failed my exam 2 times. I finally passed the NCSF exam. I think this is the best thing I paid for. Lehigh Acres …

ACTION Certification Test Prep 
Does the test prep software prepare you for the ACTION certification exam too

NASM Exam Prep Reviews 
I have to say your certification Prep Course helped me passed the exam. Most of the questions were on Stability. Know your definitions from the NASM Study …

ACSM Exam Prep Reviews 
If it wasn't for this site, i would not have gotten my ACSM certification. I bought the Exam certification kit and studied it for about a month. It was …

how up to date is this? 
hello, i want to purchase this study guide, im studying ACE and i know the exam is out of the 4th edition. would this still be beneficial with the new …

Will the Course Help with other Exams? 
I understand that ACSM's certifications are generally tougher to pass than the typical program. Also, The HFS cert is an advanced cert and is more comprehensive …

Double Money Back Guarantee Comments 
I passed the NFPT test with a 952 out of 1000 points. I studied the NFPT course material for six weeks.I am 58 and have been exercising since I was 12 …

Compatible with PC, MAC, Mobile Devices 
If I purchase the exam can I access it from multiple computers? I'd like to download it to my computer, but I'd like to have it on my girlfriends laptop …

Are these the Actual Test Questions 
Hi! I ordered the online course and have been busy taking the quizzes. My question is this: are the questions on the practice quizzes actual questions …

NSCA Exam Prep Reviews 
I used this course while preparing for the NSCA-CPT exam and it was very useful. It's a comprehensive review of all materials you need to know and whats …

ACE Exam Prep Reviews 
Hi Katie, first, thank you SO much for your awesome test-prep package!!! It was singularly the best value and prep for my ACE exam that I could have run …

Morrison Media's NCSF Study Guide 
Did anyone purchase Morrison Media's "Secrets to the NCSF-CPT Exam" book in conjunction with this prep course? I'm trying to figure out if that would be …

The Course Supplements your Study Materials 
I've decided to try and get the ACE Certification. I've done research on the study programs available. I had decided to get their Personal Trainer Home …

FAQ: Downloading and Accessing the Course 
The last step of the purchase process will show you your order and give you an opportunity to download the course materials. If you did not immediately …

NCSF Exam Prep Reviews 
Great way to you many extra questions to supplement your study materials!

Click here to write your own.

How Long can I Access the Course? 
Hi, I had a question about your exam prep course. How long is it available for after you've purchased it and what all does it entail? Will I have access …

Click here to write your own.

*Terms and Conditions - We are not a certification provider and do not provide personal training certification. The exam course in an independent course and not affiliated or approved by any certification provider. You should take our review course in conjunction with another certification course. If you use our review course along with the study materials provided by your certification provider, you will have a much greater success rate on the exam. If you fail your certification exam, you can apply for a double your money back course refund by sending us a copy of your test results showing a failing score. The date of the exam must be at least 21 days after the purchase of our course to allow for adequate use of our product. Refunds are not available for affiliate sales. This is a 100% online course. No refunds will be given except for our money back guarantee described above .

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