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Expand your Personal Trainer Income

With so many people trying to sell you their "Secrets" to personal training success, we thought it would be a good idea to allow people to share their experiences about what works and what doesn't.

personal trainer revenueOver the years I have subscribed to various email newsletters that are sent out by self proclaimed fitness gurus. They are great communicators and easily draw you in. But they always seem to imply that you are on the brink of discovering fitness riches if you just discover the hidden key. And that key is usually a set of DVDs, an expensive seminar, or joining a training program.

If you have been a trainer for a little while you would have come across many of these offers. And while sometimes it is easy to see what is an obvious rip off, other products are legitmate ways to boost your personal trainer income.

So How Do We Tell a Rip Off from an Opportunity?

By sharing information and experiences. Just like we have done with the certification process, now we will try to bring some clarity to the various money making opportunities. So if you have tried a product or service that is designed to boost your personal trainer income, tell us about it below. It doesn't matter if it worked or it didn't. You can help other trainers by sharing your experience.


Step 5 Income Expanding Resources

Our goal is to provide product reviews and discussion boards for each of the major personal trainer income opportunities. We understand it is nice to be able to discuss a product before commiting time and money to it. And in many cases we may buy a product and then ask our readers to take a free test drive to tell us what you think. The more we share, the better off we all will be.

In the area of personal training software and meal planning/tracking service we quickly discovered that what was available was often lacking in the most basic features that personal trainers would want.

So we decided to invest in developing our dream system for personal trainers. A system that can actually generate revenue, not just cost you money. Our Complete Training System for Personal Trainers enables you to offer unlimited online training and safe nutrition guidance. You can charge your clients for these services (we suggest $30-$75 per month) or give them away free to your regular clients (a great way to build loyalty).

Either way, it is more money in your pocket.


Suggest a Product or Opportunity to Discuss

Have you seen an offer that looks interesting. Tell us about it below so we can start the discussion. The only critiera is that it should be something claiming to boot your personal trainer income.

Personal Trainer Income Discussions

This is where we discuss various money making opportunities for personal trainers. If a topic gets enough interest, we will create a full product review.

Pricing Lessons for Personal Trainers 
This article is an excerpt from Katie's newsletter addressing personal training issues. You can subscribe to the free newsletter here . *** Three …

Team Beach Body Fitness 
I saw an ad for "Team Beach Body" to promote a business. They claim to get clients for you through their marketing campaigns. But you have to pay to …

What type of supplements can Certified Personal Trainers legally recommend? Do most have a certain brand they sell or recommend?

Online Training & Meal Planning Software 
I believe I read about this on this site, but I am interested in learning more about actually providing online personal training to clients. How does …

Running a Fitness Boot Camp 
I am newly trained & new to the business. I reside 20-30 minutes from downtown Atlanta in a small yet growing community of professionals and it just so …

Team Fitness America 
Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had any contact or worked with Team Fitness America? They provide in-home training clients and reportedly pay between …

Supplement or Increase your Income with Isagenix┬« 
I am an Isagenix┬« consultant and a Certified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant. Isagenix┬« is a great way to supplement my …

Click here to write your own.




personal trianer incomeWhile we strive for independence on this site, I do believe in the strength of some products (like our exam prep course and business plan generator) and promote them accordingly.

But in this section of the web site we are not endorsing any particular product, but instead creating a forum to discuss the opportunities.


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