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Supplement or Increase your Income with Isagenix®

by Audrey Kerchner
(Flemington, NJ)

I am an Isagenix® consultant and a Certified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant. Isagenix® is a great way to supplement my income during the summer months. I have also found that it helps me generate new clients as well.

Isagenix® is a nutritional cleansing and weight loss program that will give your clients great results, usually within a couple of days, and can pay you consistently regardless of your training schedule.

I would be more than happy to share my experience with the products and the business. I have been successful so far with both.

***Editor's Note: Promotional language and earnings disclaimers removed ***

Comments for Supplement or Increase your Income with Isagenix®

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Share your Isogenix stories
by: Katie - Admin

If you have experience with Isogenix (good, bad or ugly), please tell us about it. Please do not use this forum for recruiting people to your organization. If it works for you, just tell us why. If enough people are interested, we will do a full review and product testing.



This is why most trainers should not market supplements
by: Joe Bartovic

Multi level marketing companies have been in the health & wellness game for decades, remember Herbalife? I've seen them all. Most independent distributors have passion for their products and enjoy the use of the products themselves. This very often leads them to "prescribe" these products. If you are a Trainer and not a Nutritionist, Naturopathic Doctor or Registered Dietitian I believe you are out of your scope of practice. Trainers should have some level of education on vitamins & minerals. You should inform your clients that the American Medical Assocation recomends EVERYONE take a multivitamin. To place clients on cleansing products and call any resulting weight loss a "success" of your program could look a little deceptive. Do I belive in cleansing? Yes, but I don't sell these products to my clients, when asked I refer them to my Naturopath.

by: Anonymous

With Isagenix, I became a customer first before signing on as a distributor. They provide a wide range of nutritional products that are of the highest quality. I value the fact that they spend millions of dollars directly on third party testing of their sourced ingredients to ensure safety, potency and purity.

I'm 40 years old and I've tried so many nutritional supplements from various companies. Isagenix products are all natural. I have taken a number of their formulas from energy drinks, meal replacement shakes/bars, their isa-greens, isa-fruits, cleanse for life, and so on. None of their stuff screwed up my system and I've have been regular the same as with eating regular meals. Isagenix products taste great which is very important. If it doesn't past the taste test, you'll be hard pressed to establish a customer base.

In terms of whether or not their products work; I work two jobs, married with two kids, and maintain a very busy lifestyle overseas in Japan. On my Saturdays, I walk to the train station to go and teach 5 English classes dealing with children which is sort of like an aerobic workout all day. At times when I would normally just be 100% burnt out, I experienced much improved energy levels. Our metabolism slows down with age. However with Isagenix, my body began to burn the fat/calories at a faster pace than usual, and it was healthy. It reminded me of how easy I could get in shape when I was younger. My co-workers, wife and friends has noticed a difference with my outward appearance, weight loss and energy. I'm experiencing a boost with my workout routines that is making me feel like I'm much younger than 40.

I believe there are many good nutritional companies out there. If you take the time to research Isagenix in terms of their products, as well as the people behind the company, you will see that they are very ethical from top to bottom. Their products are of the highest quality. Isagenix also utilize state-of-the art marketing strategies and systems to help their associates build a profitable business. Their international ISA-Body Challenge contest is excellent example and tool, that distributors can use to build their business.

Do not be afraid of MLM companies but be wise to screen them carefully. Isagenix is a great company that will be around for the long run.

I hope this post will be both helpful and encouraging.

Good luck to all and be smart enough to take advantage of additional revenue opportunities that would be a complement to your business.

Trainers Should Know About Nutrition
by: Anonymous

I really believe the person who wrote that he refers his clients to naturopath could be doing his clients an injustice. He says he believes in cleansing but does not care enough about his clients to share that with them. We are overloaded with toxins, no mystery there. Isagenix also maintains an alkaline balance in the body which is essential to great health. I could go an forever but I won't. Can you get good health without Isagenix, maybe. But, you will have to spend a great deal more money, grow your own produce in mineral rich soil to be sure you are getting minerals and on and on. How unfair of any trainer to make their clients walk into GNC without a clue! Did you know the formulator of Isagenix no doubt created half the products any trainer has taken over the years as he was the number one authority on minerals for decades, think GNC products, MetRX and the list goes on. Don't sell your clients short.

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