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Personal Trainer Average Salary

Try our interactive Personal Trainer Salary Calculator Below personal trainer salary calculator

Disclaimer: The calculator provided here is for entertainment purposes only. By using the calculator you agree to waive any and all past, present, and future claims that might arise from said use.

Data Last Updated: January 2022

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What is the Salary for a Certified Personal Trainer?

The answer to that one is a big "it depends". If you compare the various industry salary surveys you will see the numbers can vary widely.

personal trainer average salaryBasically, the personal trainer average salary is based upon certain things such as:

  • where you are located
  • if you are an independent contractor or a company employee
  • whether or not you offer services for a gym or a business that is not associated with the personal training industry
  • if you are a college graduate
  • if you have certification
  • if you are certified to work with people who have special needs

Since there are so many things that can affect a salary range, there is a lot of data that needs to be collected in order to determine a personal trainer’s average salary. 


Establishing Personal Trainer Average Salary by Location

personal trainer incomeThe first thing that is taken into consideration is the country that you live in.  If you reside in Australia, Canada, the US or Western Europe, you are in a region that is great for personal trainers.  Due to the fact that personal training is considered to be a luxury of sorts, these regions are known to be financially strong.

Basically, when you have to worry about putting food on the table, being able to get into a sexy bikini is the least of your concerns.  If you live in a part of the world that is not developed, then you probably won’t be able to command top dollar for your services, unless you only offer your services to the rich and famous.

Economy health is a concern within various countries, but it is also a deciding factor when it comes to different regions within a country.  Everyone knows that personal trainers make a lot of money in places such as Hollywood, CA.  No one would be surprised to learn that the personal trainers there make more money than those in the state of Kansas.

salary for certified personal trainerHowever, if you do not live in Beverly Hills or Hollywood, don’t worry.  You can still make a lot of money if you reside in states such as Texas, Oregon, Colorado, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Florida and New York.  Although personal trainers make the most money in the western part of the United States, they can also do well in the Southeast and Northeast. However, the salaries in the central part of the country tend to be the lowest.

The best cities for personal trainers in terms of salary are locations such as Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, LA, San Diego, Boston, DC and Chicago.

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Who is the Boss?

An independent contractor can make more money than company employees who work in gym chains.  The downside is that they don’t have the better benefits that some employees receive (don't expect much for a gym job).

If you want to work for someone else, then consider working for a company that is not in the fitness industry.  If you are an in-house personal trainer, you are an added benefit that many companies are providing for their clients.  If you go this route, then you will be working in the company’s own personal gym.

Yes, these jobs are not easy to come by, but when you find them, expect to get paid very well and get top notch benefits.  Jobs in the fitness industry usually don’t have better salaries than the ones in Corporate America.

What is the Personal Trainer Average Salary?

You can expect to receive a salary in the range of $35,000-$49,000, if you are a certified personal trainer living in the United States. 

Why is there such a wide range? 

This is because of the various factors that can impact the salary.  These were previously mentioned.  Remember?  There are numerous personal trainers that make as much as $70,000 a year.  This amount is even higher at $120,000 if you own your own business.


Female Trainers Break the Gender Gap

The good thing is that women do well in this profession as well. In terms of personal trainer average salary for woman, reports show that they make the same amount as their male counterparts.  This cannot be said for many other professions.

by Katie Donnelly

What do you think about Personal Trainer Salaries?

Do you have a question about a personal trainer salary? If you already are a trainer, here is your chance to have your say about your pay. Help future trainers by telling us about your personal training income.

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