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Get The Money

by Steve Epperson
(Las Cruces, New Mexico (USA))

In the 16 years I have been a personal trainer, I am often taken aback by how many other trainers struggle. On their websites and brochures they proudly display their session rates: $80.00 for one. Then it goes down to $65 for 3. Then it drops to $50 for a package of twelve.

It never fails. The client always chooses twelve. They faithfully come into the gym or studio for six sessions...then leave-- sometimes for up to six weeks or more (they have to cash in those frequent flier miles, you know) And then it happens: the "I'm back in town" text, flashing on your phone like a giant neon sign.

Think you're going to talk them into taking another spot? Think again. As impossible as it is to get new clients, you capitulate. You say to yourself, "thank goodness, I thought they'd never come back." So you train them at 5:30 PM on Monday-Wednesday-Friday (when they don't cancel at the last minute)for another six sessions, all without getting paid.

I say, stop the craziness! Bill one session at a time and invoice at the end of the month. Your clients are affluent, right? They better be if you want to last more than six months in this biz. So why not charge what you are worth? If you are worth $80 per hour, then charge one session at a time for $80.00.

Oh right. There's the little problem of your clients not wanting to pay $80 per session in your area, especially if you are going to keep them around for awhile.

That's an easy fix. Do semi private training. Charge two people two people 40$ each to train with you for an hour. Save your $80 rate for the local celebs or people with special needs.

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