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by Curtis Jones
(Phoenix, AZ)

What type of supplements can Certified Personal Trainers legally recommend? Do most have a certain brand they sell or recommend?

Comments for Supplements

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MonaVie is a Great Product to Promote as a Trainer!
by: Heather Edwards

Hi there,

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and a Triathlon/Running Coach. I promote the product called MonaVie and many of my clients consume it.

MonaVie is nutritional beverage featuring 19 exotic fruits from around the world, including the Acai berry, the highest tested antioxidant on the planet to date. Acai has been hailed as the #1 superfood in the world, and MonaVie has the patent on the only clinically-proven process to maintain the nutritional value of the fruit once it is harvested.

By drinking MonaVie, you are giving your body the antioxidant equivalent of 13 servings of fruits and vegetables each day, the amount recommended by the FDA, but nearly impossible for most of us to attain on our own. Furthermore, you are giving your body the tools it needs to naturally and effectively work to combat illness and long-term degenerative diseases, as well as a host of potential short-term benefits such as higher energy, better sleep, improved mental clarity, better digestive health, improved cholesterol, less joint pain, PMS relief, better skin, just to name a few. I, myself, noticed an increase in my recovery while training for a century ride (100 miles), improved sleep and more energy.

If you knew 10 years ago what you know today about how to stay healthy and fit, what would you have done differently? Today you have the knowledge to make the right decisions about your health that will affect the next 10 years of your life and beyond.
You can get set-up as an Independent Distributor. It's real easy, and you can also make great additional income to add to what you're making now as a trainer. It's fits so naturally with our industry that you really don't need to sell the product as it sells itself!


by: Ken

You can recommend any products, just cannot prescibe any! Make sense?

I have a line of products that I offer with programs that are all done online.

For more info contact me at:

Ken Karanck

MONAVIE ia a Pyramid
by: Anonymous

MONAVIE ia a Pyramid !!!! don't fall for the hype. go get your own acai drinks without joining some stupid club that you have to spend $300 a month with....

monavie is a great product
by: Anonymous

Monavie purchases are not mandatory, the previous poster is incorrect. Look at all the video's on utube for credible information. I also reccomend it to others and have found that folks who use it find it helpful on several levels.

Educate yourselves people and don't be fooled by naysayers who truly know nothing..

Options for supplementation
by: Merrick Morlan

When it comes to supplementation I would recommend always reminding the client that you can provide education but the choose is ultimately theirs. Going with the company that you can profit from is ok but ethically you must be open to clients who are partial to other brands as well, as long as you find nothing in a product that may be harmful to the client let them make that decision. I connect alot of my clients to USANA, as I am an independent distributor, and yes its nice to make some extra money with the MLM aspect of it (it takes time and I do believe in the products). There are however alot of things USANA does not make or that other companys make that are comparable to what they offer. Be fair and keep your clients health and wellness as the TOP priority!

Whole foods
by: Anonymous

The best way to fuel your body is with whole foods. Most supplements do not contain active compounds (void of phytonutrients) and overall can be contaminated with high levels of heavy metals and toxic chemicals.

Choose fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole wheat, and other whole food products over supplements. Your bodies digestive and energy systems have evolved over time to consume and utilize FOOD-not supplements that have been processed.

Be smart, be natural.

Mona Vie
by: Taryn

Mona Vie does provide essential vitamins that one needs but in high concentrated amounts. Your body won't be able to absorb all of the nutrients that Mona Vie provides. You can get the same amount of vitamins by eating the real thing. I approached a Mona Vie seller and he tried his hardest to explain how Mona Vie will benefit me and then after provided me with the cost of just one bottle. My mouth fell to the floor. I think Mona Vie is a rip off. Read this interesting article below. It provides you with very detailed information.

by: Anonymous

If you plan to really make it as a trainer then you need to secure additional streams of income, thats why having your own supplement line is crucial. Yes you're in the business of helping people and you can obtain even better client results by offering a complete package that includes quality all-natural supplements.

I partnered with As a product brokerage company we deal only in billion dollar markets and have the opportunity to select the highest grade products. As we do not make or manufacture anything we have no obligation to sell a bad product. If a product does not move, or sell, we simply abandon it and find what does. If new science erects better products our manufacturer's contract obligates them to either improve upon a current product or lose the contract to the better manufacturer. We have the ability to shift with the marketplace and with science and technology as it improves. What that means for your business is security and sound principles.

The relevance here is that we have quality products and we will never 'go-under' if our products go out of style or are replaced with newer products in the marketplace. We have phenomenal nutrition products that are far superior because of our isotonic delivery system which allows for 95% absorption within 5 minutes.

You can customize a nutrition regiment for your clients based upon company supplied material such as 1, an on-line Nutri-Physical whereby lifestyle and health history the data is analyzed and a results summary is provided based upon primary, secondary, and tertiary needs. You as the trainer based on a more personal relationship as well as budget can further customize their regiment with this information. In this way, you sell to need rather than sell to sell.

The second way you can customize a nutrition program is by genetic testing which we also offer. A DNA sample by mouth swab will be analyzed and a comprehensive nutrition and fitness panel will summarize and specify genetic nutritional deficiencies your client may be experiencing and a supplement regiment will be provided by these results. Our Nutrametrix Division of Advanced Neutraceuticals is designed for licensed health practitioners to use and implement our products and programs into their practices with much success.

Full product training/program certs. Also cme courses for HPs who offer our products in their offices to provide the continuing education they need as well as educate them about nutrition, wellness and optimal health regiments when it comes to prescribing neutraceuticals (nutritional products).

Company absorbs the liablity issue plus, being that they are all-natural you're pretty much in the clear. Safeguards r in place that will not allow you to offer any customized formula that exceeds upper limit guidelines.

by: Anonymous

Monavie is not a Pyramid it is a binary system. If you google it, there are definitions of it.

I am also a trainer that recommends monavie to my clients. It is a great product, and if your clients are using monavie,.. make sure to enroll them as a distributor and help them with registering there 2 people. If your clients make some extra money from the monavie too, they will for shore be able to afford personal training sessions.

Can I Help You?
by: Anonymous

It is very important to give people true advice not hype. When it comes to nutrition we can show you the facts. This will enalbe you to make educated decisions on the kind of safe help you want to provide your clients.

Thank you
Norma Chabot

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