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NPTI MN don't hate the player, hate your game

by Ronnie

I am a graduate of NPTI MN (April to October 2018) and I appreciate the value in education I received. I do not believe this school is for everyone. The course is challenging. Topics lectured, along with assigned reading, range from anatomy/physiology, biomechanics, endocrine/nervous/muscular/cardiorespiratory systems and then switch to areas of interest. I can subjectively give my own complete accounts of my time at NPTI.

The school shares gym space with two separate businesses. I attended every class and did not miss any hours (which you must complete 500 hours and pass the course with a 70% completion to receive your diploma). I read and studied the course material to be prepared for the days lecture. I was engaged and asked questions in class and practicals. I did not have any personal problems with the students, current staff or director. The class size was small and all those that attended the class were students. I checked my ego and biases at the door and entered as a blank slate to learn.

I simply paid for a quality education and showed up to learn, for me, it was just that simple.
The first day of class, a course catalog was covered presenting the schools polices and procedures. The daily lectures were prepared and presented to attending students and prepared for absent students (to access online) to stay on the class schedule. A review of covered lectures and readings was provided. The daily practical/mock training was from the week's topics lectured. Tests, covered any material reviewed and from previous topics covered.
I am a hands on learner and enjoyed the course structure provided. I believe this school helped prepare me for a career in the fitness industry and my NASM exam. Thank you to NPTI MN.

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