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National Personal Training Institute Certification

This is the second page of our review of the National Personal Training Institute certification program. You can access the first page here. You can see what our readers are saying about NPTI certification by skipping to the bottom of this page.

Job Placement Assistance

You also receive some extra services with your National Personal Training Institute certification. They are one of the few organizations that provide full service job placement assistance. They can do this because employers recognize the value of the program. Employers tend to snatch up NPTI grads quickly because they have real world personal training experience which helps them generate revenue much more quickly than somebody who has completed a short certification program.

National Personal Training Institute Certification Costs

You probably know by now that this one is not going to be cheap. The tuition varies slightly by location but $5,900-$6300 seems to be the most common values. Keep in mind that this includes all of your materials, exam costs, CPR/AED & First Aid certifications and your gym membership for 6-12 months depending on the program. Keep in mind also that the comprehensive nature of this program will get you up to speed quicker than the shorter programs allowing you to earn a higher income faster.

Financial assistance and loan programs are available through NPTI which allow you to borrow up to 60% of the tuition and your living costs during the program.

Monthly payment plans are offered. Credit card payments are also accepted.

Receive more Information:
(Orlando, FL / Residential) (All Other Locations)


Vital Statistics: National Personal Training Institute Certification

National Personal Training Institute Certification NPTI
Certification Diploma in Personal Training, which includes 100 hours of nutrition (In the State of Arizona it is called a "Certificate of Completion")
CPR/AED & First Aid Certifications
Established 2000
Workshop length 500 hours
Workshop Availability Locations in 30 U.S. cities
Program Cost $5900 - $6300
Materials cost Included
Industry recognition Med-High
NCCA accredited No, but diploma program is state approved
Prerequisites 18 years old, U.S. Citizen or Green Card (not required for online program), High School diploma or equivalent
Exam Questions  
Exam Time  
Exam Cost Included
Retest Cost  
Exam deadline  
Exam locations Major US Cities
Time to Complete (Approx.) 6 months (4 month and 12 month options available)
Recertification N/A
Recertification Cost (Approx.) N/A

Receive more Information:
(Orlando, FL / Residential) (All Other Locations)

What do you think about the NPTI certification?

Have you been to the National Personal Training Institute? Share your experience with NPTI.

NPTI Certification Insider Tips

Our readers submit some great tips about the NPTI certification. Click on each tip to read and rate the comments.

NPTI - Industry Recognition 
Why is the Industry recognition only Med-High for NPTI? Especially for the time put in, magnitude of the expense, and the hands on training? I'm very …

Why is NPTI Different? 
I think this comparison chart is great. Why is the NPTI requirement so much greater than all of the others? 500 hours comes out to several months whereas …

It's What You Make of It 
The National Personal Training Institute is a school, which awards it's graduates either a "Diploma" or "Certification of Completion" depending on the …

npti or certification tests? 
My son is in San Diego and was going to go to the National Personal Training Institute for $5900. He has since found a guy who is currently a personal …

Some NPTI Bad Reviews 
I don't believe that NPTI is a waste of time at all ... of course that depends on which NPTI you go to. I went to NPTI Colorado and they do A LOT ... …

Is NPTI worth it? 
I researched the NPTI website, spoke with the admissions counselor and read reviews on this website. From what I've gathered, it sounds like a great program. …

NPTI now NCCA accredited? 
NPTI website (April 2009) says grads can sit for an A-CPT certification if meet requirements of "500 Hour State Board of Education Approved Training Program; …

NSCA cetified home study or NPTI.. what should I do?  
I just graduate with a degree in Exercise Science but the emphasis was on Sports Administration. I want to get certified with the NSCA but im not sure …

Lifetime Fitness and NPTI 
I am interested in working for Lifetime Fitness as a personal trainer but they told me that they do not acknowledge NPTI certification. They told me that …

NPTI Locations Discussions 
I recently attended the open house for NPTI in Phila. and I'm not sure if it is worth the money. $6300. Has anyone else attended their open house and decided …

NPTI Compared to Other Certifications 
NPTI is a 500 hour course which involves actually hands on practical hours. I am an NPTI certified personal trainer and I have worked alongside ACSM, ACE, …

Lots of NPTI Student Reviews 
NPTI was the best investment I have ever made! I learned a lot over the course of the 4 months! The very first place I applied to, I got an interview, …

NPTI MN don't hate the player, hate your game Not rated yet
I am a graduate of NPTI MN (April to October 2018) and I appreciate the value in education I received. I do not believe this school is for everyone. …

NPTI in Minnesota is a scam Not rated yet
This school is absolute scam! If you ever come across any positive reviews about NPTI in Minnesota, please be aware these reviews were written before the …

Different kinds of certifications, how do I choose?  Not rated yet
Hello Everyone. I have never posted anything on this site, but I thought that this time I may be able to bring some positive comments that may help someone …

NPTI - Portland Not rated yet
The hands-on experience is not as great as the claims. In my experience this consisted of only 2 six session programs (you were paired with a partner each …

Click here to write your own.

Receive more Information:
(Orlando, FL / Residential) (All Other Locations)

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