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“We guarantee you will pass the NASM exam. Check out our Exam Prep Course for NASM.” (about me)

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NASM Certification Reviews

Updated: November 2021

The NASM CPT is a mainstream choice for personal trainer certification. It doesn't have the science of ACSM and has more heft than ACE. It attempts to straddle the middle of the road in the industry.

That is why it has become a popular alternative for individuals who are passionate about fitness and want to start their career as a personal trainer.

The NASM Free Trial

Previously the main barrier of entry for people trying out NASM was its high price tag. But with the growth of low cost certifications on the market, NASM has been forced to lure people in with a free trial.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine offers a 14-Day free trial for those who are interested in learning more. During this trial full access is offered to the CPT4 online course. The only thing that is excluded is the NASM practice exam.

Those who take this challenge will learn about training concepts such as program design and fitness assessment. The trial also includes sample tools required for developing client exercises that are safe for all fitness levels.

Why Choose NASM Certification?

nasm certification logo
The goal of any career minded individual is to find the best opportunities for employment. Choosing to become a NASM CPT means gaining greater recognition for the skills needed for success. NASM is a leader in certification programs across the fitness industry and is well respected for the quality program it offers. This automatically provides professionals with an advantage over the competition. The name recognition won't earn you any more money, but it may get you in the door at the gym more easily.

Employers often prefer hiring those with a major certification like NASM because they understand that they are adding well trained and highly skilled personnel to their staff. NASM even offers access to the ever growing database of knowledge in its research institute and exclusive business opportunities. It is clear to see that becoming a NASM CPT certainly has its advantages.


Nothing in the world is perfect, and that is true with the NASM Certification program. Some are reluctant to choose it because of the intensity of the course and the fact that it short in comparison to others.

But the biggest drawback is the exam is just plain hard. The pass rate is just 50% for first time exam takers.

Of course, this makes our high pass rate and "pass or don't pay" guarantee for our Exam Prep Course that much more impressive. Just be aware, you will have to study hard for this exam.

Also check our NASM exam page for a lot more NASM Certification reviews.


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Will I Get a Job?

Increasing numbers of people are realizing the importance of staying fit and healthy. Couple this with the fact that the population continues to grow right along with the obesity rates. The growing concern about eating better and getting physically fit are not going to go away.

With that in mind, it is not difficult to see that becoming a NSMA CPT will allow serious individuals the opportunity to enter a nearly recession proof career field. As a matter of fact, the U.S. Department of Labor expects that there will be a growth of approximately 24% in this industry during the next 10 years.

But not all those jobs will be found in gyms. The real money is found when you launch your own personal training business. That's why I created this site.

Available NASM Certifications

Along with the NASM CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) program, there are two advanced qualifications certifications classes offered by NASM. When trying to decide if NASM is the right way to go, potential students should compare the NASM Certification with other Personal Trainer Certifications programs. It is also recommended to find out what others are saying about the NASM Certification exam as well as its certification process.

There are other credentials available through NASM including;

  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Gold Fitness Specialist
  • Others minor specialties

Available textbooks for Certifications are Goniometric Assessment, Manual Muscle Testing, Positional Isometrics and PES

NASM offers workshops in many major cities across the country about once every two months. It is possible to get certification without being a member of NASM, but there are many benefits to participating in these workshops. Another good benefit of going with NASM Certification is that the textbooks, training materials and tools are continually being updated to reflect the latest research and information.

Prerequisites for NASM Certification

nasm cpt

Those who wish to become a NASM CPT must first meet the prerequisites for this course. You must be a minimum of 18 years of age, be CPR and AED certified before taking the exam. It is a good idea to get these requirements out of the way before attempting to enroll.


The total cost for the course depends on which package is chosen. For instance, the CPT 4 self-Study package costs $629 and includes everything you need to become a certified NASM CPT, including the exam. Some items can be purchased separately like the CPT 4 Textbook which can be purchased for $72.95.

Each of the NASM Certification packages include the textbook, study guide, DVD, online learning, Webinar coaching series, MP3 Audio, iPod Video, and the online practice exam. In addition to that, some packages include the Intro to Personal Fitness Training course as well as the Live Workshop mentioned before. If you don’t pass the test on the first try, you can retake it for a considerable fee.

NASM Recertification

Once you get NASM Certified you should understand that you must get recertified every two years. To do this you must show proof that you have received the required CEUs which typically cost from $325 to $400 to complete, plus the recertification fee. That makes it approximately $500 to maintain certification throughout the years.


by Katie Donnelly


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Give us your NASM Certification Reviews

Tell us what you think about NASM Certification. For comments about the NASM exam, please use this page.

NASM Certification Reviews

Our readers reviews of the NASM certification. Click on each review to read and rate the comments.

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NASM Live Workshop 
How helpful is the workshop to prepare for the NASM-CPT exam? Is it worth the extra money?

NASM EXAM MUST READ (very long but useful) 
Well I will say that I just passed my test about 2 hours ago and couldn't wait to get home and post on this site. A little about my Nasm experience.... …

Recertification Cost for NASM 
I am currently trying to decide which to take out of ACE and NASM. I have an Exercise Science Bachelors degree and want to do in home training. However, …

NASM Textbook Versions 
I am ACE certified and am now studying for the NASM (frankly, I see little to no difference in the materials, despite how I've been hearing that NASM is …

Passed first time 
I just sat the NASM exam today and managed to pass first time. I have to say whilst it was difficult, I didn't think it was as hard or as "tricky" as …

NASM Questions 
I am planning to take the NASM test within the next 5 months and have a few questions. On the NASM review page, it says after I enroll, i have to take …

Is the NASM OPT Model that different than other programs? 
I'm in the process of comparing programs to become a CPT and was wondering if the OPT model is as unique and cutting-edge as it sounds? It seems to …

NASM DVD question 
OK, So I'm doing the self study thing (getting my materials dirt cheap on ebay, I guess that could be a tip), which has been going pretty good so far. …

Financial Aid for Personal Trainer Certifications 
Hello katie, I want to be a trainer very badly, yet i don't have the money to afford the NASM test and book ($679.99). What can i do to get this certification...?? …

Should I get the NASM certification first? 
Help! I have been told by three gyms (Calloways, 24 Hour Fitness, and Island Athletic Club on Whidbey Island), that the trainers they hire are NASM certified. …

NASM took me six months 
I think one of the comments listed above is misleading to people as I just took the NASM CPT exam and it took me 6 months to prepare. I have a full time …

NASM Recertification cost is too high 
NASM is the worst certification I have ever encountered. They are more of a marketing and sales company than a serious organization for educating personal …

Never Again NASM 
NASM blocked me from posting on its Facebook page, because I inadvertently showed up its CPTs. If they didn't have a cookie-cutter curriculum it wouldn't …

Don't bother with NASM! 
I have a friend who failed the NASM exam three times...he insists it is very difficult and I told him it was all in his head. To inspire him I said I would …

NASM overrated 
I'm currently studying for the NASM and have found this site useful. However, don't fool yourselves as to the quality of the NASM model. Most of us already …

Great product POOR customer service Not rated yet
I would love to give a 5 star because it is a great program and I have learned a lot .However, the unclear and miscommunication is a BIG problem and expensive …

Information  Not rated yet
I am thinking about taking the NASM certification. I was wondering which is the best package to purchase. How has NASM helped you with your career or hasn't. …

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