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“Hi, I'm Katie. You will find my attempt to say something that sounds somewhat intelligent in this space on each page of this site. Unfortunately, I don't always succeed!

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Katie's Page

Hi, I'm Katie. Welcome to my web site. Well, actually welcome to your web site. Our personal training community has submitted so many great tips, comments and suggestions. It blows me away!

The best way to get to know me is to spend some time reading this site. I think the quality speaks for itself. But you can also read or post your own thoughts on our testimonials page.

But we are always looking to improve, so submit your suggestions below and rate other people's suggestions too.


Why I Built this Site

I started this site because I remember how difficult it was to get good information about starting my personal training business. Sure there are some good books on the subject, but there was very little free information. So here I am, sharing my experience.


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Did you know this site is the only site on the Internet with:

  • Reviews of Certification Programs
  • Free Certification Practice Exams
  • Free personal trainer forms
  • And a Personal Training Business Plan Template.

These are all must-have things for anybody interested in Personal Training!

I must also thank my friend David, my technical advisor, and SiteSell for making building and hosting this web site easy (and affordable!). You can see how I built this site here.

I hope you enjoy the site. Remember to submit tips if you have something to contribute. And I always appreciate your support.

Best of Luck in Your Business!


Now it is your turn to talk!

Tell me what you like about the site and what you want to see changed or improved. The sky is the limit! We can't wait to see how far we can take this thing if we put our heads together and make it happen.


How would you Improve our Site?

We are always looking for way to make our site better. But sometimes we have a hard time anticipating everybody's needs. So tell us what you really want from our site.

Site Improvement Requests

Check out what other personal trainers are suggesting we do to improve our site. Jump in and share your views and make your own suggestions.

Portable Equipment for Start-up 
I appreciated the comments about large permanent gym equipment for start-ups. In my new business, I will travel to my clients, who are frail seniors. …

Rate PT Cert Exams 
I am suggesting that you rate the difficulty of all the tests and arrange them in a scale order, from hardest to easiest. Also maybe you could list some …

Just Registered my Domain for a Personal Training Website 
Hey Katie, I have been browsing your site for about a week now and first off I'd like to commend you for making a very informative, professional, and …

Startup Equipment 
When just starting out on my own, I had a very hard time finding even the most basic equipment for exercise testing, etc. because I work independently …

Date on the postings 
It would be cool if the postings could be dated.

Personal Trainer for Seniors 
I'm looking at retiring, and wondering about becoming a personal trainer for seniors (ages 50+). Is there information to address this idea? I'm also …

Personal Trainer Directory Changes 
Hi Katie, I need to change my phone number that is listed on your site. How can I do that? This is Denise Smith, Gottagetabody Personal Training. my …

Add dates to comments Not rated yet
I gather that your site has been around for a while :) It would be helpful if the comments all had dates - especially for comments regarding the different …

Practical Exam video Not rated yet
Hi Katie: I'm studying for the WITS personal trainer program. I do not see any information on the practical portion of the personal trainer exam. …

Site navigation Not rated yet
This looks like creditable site with a boatload of great information. But when I started browsing to find anything ABOUT the site -- who manages it, an …

Tools for the CPT  Not rated yet
There are so many different tables and formulas for the CPT to memorize that it would make sense to have a pocket guide for quick and easy reference. …

great site Not rated yet
Hello. I have been cooking for the last 10 years, and am absolutley tired of it. I have begun looking onto a career as a personal trainer. While just …

Personal Training Seminars Not rated yet
First off; I am a huge fan of this website. I think it's a great resource for beginning trainers everywhere and can definitely encourage them to getting …

Can you make the comparison chart printable? Not rated yet
I like the chart, but to make it most usable, I'd like to have it printed out. My printer does not seem to recognize the chart part (looks like it's in …

Not so new trainer Not rated yet
Hi Katie, I just signed up and am very impressed with your site. I am a very part time trainer and have been for about 6 years now. I have a full …

Personal Training Programs Not rated yet
I would like to learn different ideas regarding putting together a program for someone. I would like to be able to share my ideas with others and have …

more exercise demonstration videos Not rated yet
Where can I get more exercise demonstration videos? The ones on this website were great.

Search Feature Not rated yet
This site is a great resource with a ton of information. However, it isn't always easy to find the information you're looking for, especially in the mini-discussions. …

Site Banner we can put on our web sites Not rated yet
Does your company have a banner. I will be having your website listed on my personal training site soon (already on my personal site) , but I think a banner …

Report Abusive Discussion Posts Not rated yet
Hi Katie, I love your website and find it very helpful. You might want to have a section on your website where we can report spam or inappropriate replies …

Site addition sugestion Not rated yet
It would be great if you could negotiate discounts on cert programs. A better deal is always appreciated.

Click here to write your own.


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