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“Hi, I'm Katie. If our site has helped you in any way, please click the Facebook "Like" button below. You can also share your story. If we let you down, you can share that too."

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Site Testimonials

I resisted posting a testimonial page for nearly three years because I think they are cheesy. But I get a ton of thank you emails from people all around the world. So check out what people are saying about us below.

Wrongly Accused

I guess I was naive when I started this site. I thought that if you provided something for free that people would be grateful and wouldn't complain. But over the years I have had all sorts of complaints.

Some people don't like the colors on the web site, other people don't like what I say about a particular certification. I have always shrugged these kinds of comments off and encouraged people to post a rebuttal or start their own site to express their views.

But I do get a bit ruffled when people accuse me of something, especially if it isn't true. The one going around at the moment says is a scam because I don't publish my phone number.

I don't publish my phone number because every year there are over 600,000 people from every time zone of the world reading this site but there is only one of me. My phone is for my friends, family and clients. Not for somebody who is trying to figure out what certification to choose.

So Let Your Voice Be Heard

It is super easy! Just click the Facebook "Like" button below. It lets people know that lots of real people like this site.
Although literally only 1 person out of a 1,000,000 visitors has posted this kind of scam and rip off stuff, that opinion gets magnified because I haven't bothered publishing any of the positive responses. So that's what this page is for.

If somebody searches google for and uses words like scam, rip off, complaints, etc.. hopefully they will find this page that offers more than just one persons skewed experience.


Best of Luck in Your Business!


So What Do You Think of Our Site?

Have we helped you in some way? Tell us your story and inspire others. And if we let you down or disappointed you, that is fair game too. Just be sure you contact support first to try to resolve your issue

Is a Scam?

Check out what other personal trainers are saying about our site. Jump in and share your views.

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Your site is great and has great information. I continuously come back to it for references. Thank you Keep up the good work

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I am currently serving as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. I graduated with a BS in Physical Education (Health and Wellness) in 2006. I am …

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Dear sir / madam I'm so impressed with the data and information I found from this site. You may publish this for reference if you wish. I've been personal …

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I just want to say your site is...AWESOME. You have EVERYTHING and MORE than I need, and it's all free. I just can't explain how much this is helping me …

Site Reviews Part 2 Not rated yet
Thank You so much! I have been dreading the business plan however your help actually mad it fun! I am having trouble building my client base so if you …

Site Reviews Part 1 Not rated yet
Hi Katie, This is a fantastic site and extremely helpful for both new and experienced trainers. I visit the site several times a week and have downloaded …

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