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Portable Equipment for Start-up

by Lisa

I appreciated the comments about large permanent gym equipment for start-ups. In my new business, I will travel to my clients, who are frail seniors. I need to stock a portable box with light dumbbells, straps, mats, spri tubing etc. Any suggestions for the best place to purchase these types of items?

Thanks in advance for you help!

Comments for Portable Equipment for Start-up

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Portable Equipment
by: Anonymous

Hello Lisa,

I'm currently working at getting myself a supplier of fitness equipment so I can sell their products directly to consumers on my eCommerce website.

Here's what I would recommend. Go direct with a supplier/manufacturere in your area who will also dropship products directly to your door.

In my research I ALIBABA.COM to find suppliers to work with and I located one in New York.

List of Suppliers:

GYM STORE Contact Info:

GYM STORE Accessories:

Take care.

Travel Light
by: Coach Briody

Your talent is your knowledge and the service you provide dont lose that. First there are countless body weight exercise that you can do to keep a client challenged. But to mix it up, resistance bands, boxing gloves and mits, agility ladder and medicine balls fit neatly into one bag and offer alot of options. Grab a kettlebell and a light set of dumbells if you need but that is more than enough to beat those clients up good!

Portable Equipment Websites
by: Jeff Drock MS, CSCS

A few popular portable fitness equipment companies that you can request catalogues from are the following: (I listed the websites)

all the best,
Jeff Drock MS, CSCS

Mobile Equipment
by: Brenda

I have a very small studio at home. In it I do have a Body Solid Compact functional trainer, a Nordic Track Incline Trainer, a Spinning Bike, a Bowflex bench, and a set of adjustable dumbbells. Clients are impressed by brand names, because they somewhat naively tend to get impressed by equipment. So buy good equipment, but you do not need to buy much.

However, I consider my studio to be "mobile". I train outdoors (hold some group exercise classes outside, too), train at clients' homes, and rent space when necessary. I carry a gym in a bag: a measuring tape, a stop watch, a mat, a high quality resistance tubing kit, a resistance loop, a mini stability ball and a soft, mini 4 or 6 lb medicine ball, and we do body weight exercises. Had I only had $1000 to start my business, after paying for the certifications, insurance, etc. I would have just put together a good gym in a bag.

Portable Gym
by: Lou Drakulich

I really like "Bodylastics"!
For less than $100 you have a portable resistance exercise machine that can do almost anything and sometimes more the popular name brand machines that cost thousands can.

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