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ACTION Certification Reviews

Updated: November 2021

Note: This review replaces our previous review because of extensive changes in the ACTION Certification program (NCCA Accreditation, Plan and price changes).


After offering free personal trainer certification for over five years, ACTION Certification raised their prices and shuffled their plan inclusions.


The Bad News: It's not free anymore.


The Goods News: It is still an amazing deal for an NCCA Accredited certification program. With ACE, NASM and NSCA all charging $600+, ACTION is a very reasonable $129.


Choice of Exams

ACTION certification offers two different certification exams.

Their NCCA Accredited exam is offered at 250+ PSI test centers in 35 countries. PSI charges candidates $60 to take the exam in the U.S. International students pay slightly more.

act certification reviewDon’t be fooled by this exam.  It is tougher than I was expecting and really focused on the practical aspects of training.  150 questions, multiple choice with case study scenarios.  You must get at least 70% to pass. 


The online exam is free for members. It covers the same content as the NCCA Accredited exam but because it is delivered online, it is not eligible for accreditation.

The online exam is open book, but there is very little time allowed so you have to know your stuff. You get 90 minutes to answer 100 questions and must score 70% to pass. Retests are available for $35 which is a lot less than other certifications.



The Plans

ACTION breaks down its offerings into three plans called Basic, Pro and Platinum. The higher the plan, the more stuff you get. Also the price goes up. So let's look at what is included in each plan.

action certification plans

The Basic Plan is available for $49. It includes a copy of the 300 page textbook shipped to your house anywhere in the world. You are eligible to take both certification exams including the NCCA Accredited exam.

The Pro Plan is offered for $129 and includes all the Basic Plan inclusions plus

  • Kindle Textbook (works on IOS and Android too)
  • 20 hours of class video instruction including the hands on side of being a personal trainer
  • Unlimited practice exams
  • Flash cards
  • Discussion forums and Instructor support
  • Access to discounted liability insurance
  • Career Support (job boards, resume, references)

ACTION also offers a monthly payment option to make the Pro Plan more affordable. You start by paying $35 and immediately get access to all the Pro Plan beneifits. You then make payments of $10 per month until you reach the $129 total price.


The Platinum Plan is a brand new offering from ACTION. It includes all of the Pro Plan inclusions and adds

  • The Advanced Nutrition Certification
  • Recertification for Life (which really just means you don't pay recertification fees)
  • Priority Customer Support

The Platinum Plan is $249 which is a good deal considering other certifications charge more than that for a Nutrition certification alone. ACTION will be offering a monthly payment plan for the Platinum Plan for $20 per month.



You can upgrade from one plan to another. The nice thing is that ACTION credits the value of the plan you already have. So to upgrade from the basic plan to the pro plan, you pay the difference in price of $80 rather than the full $129.




ACTION requires trainers to recertify every two years and the cost is $65 (free for Platinum Plan members). CEUs will bring that total to around $200. The Advanced Nutrition certification counts for almost half of all required CEUs which make the Platinum Plan an even better value.



Bottom Line

While many will miss the old free program, we can't really blame ACTION for cashing in on their NCCA Accreditation. And frankly we are surprised that the prices are still far less than any comparable cert in the market.

We were impressed with the textbook, the concept of online education, and the student/teacher interaction that is part of their educational focus.  All of this makes ACTION an attractive choice.

But don't take our word for it... read the ACTION Certification Reviews from other students. And if you have tried the program jump in and add your own comments.


ACTION Certification Reviews

Did you use the Free Plan or the Pro Plan? What did you think of the experience? How was the ACTION Certification exam? Would you recommend it to a friend?

You can also Ask a question, submit a comment, or even rant or rave about ACTION Personal Trainer Certification.

ACTION Certification Reviews

Read what other people are saying or asking about the free certification from ACTION. Click on each link to read the comments submitted by our readers.

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What are the main significant differences between taking the online exam vs. the exam at the testing center? Would taking the online exam limit me …

Many Questions 
i am interested in the action cert but not sure if i understand everything correctly. if i complete and pass the Action cert than i am certified personal …

canadian insurance issues 
While this course is good overall and the material is basic understanding friendly and I real enjoy the price” free” or even the pro version 24.95 , there …

Is ACTION a good starting point? 
I'd like to start with general wellness fitness training and move to a specialty of training athletes. Is the ACTION certification a good starting point …

I signed up for the free course and then bought the Pro Plan 
This is the letter I drafted to the fine folks at ACTION Certification David, I felt compelled to write not only for the quality and professionalism …

If you wanna be a personal trainer... 
ACTION is totally worth reading! I read it (didn't test over it though) before I got started with NASM, and as much as I love NASM, I liked the way ACTION …

Just passed ACTION 
The ACTION certification exam is harder than you would think let me just start off by saying that. I was able to pass after about 6-7 weeks of work. …

Took ACTION exam and passed 
First off, let me say clearly that this test is no joke. I certified with two other certifications, ACE and NCSF, and the ACTION exam was in my opinion …

Can ACTION certification prepare your for ACE exam? 
Can ACTION certification prepare your for ACE exam? NOT trying to be cheap. I ask this because the course is offered so cheap and the reviews give …

This certification is awesome 
I love the ACTION Certification online courses that you can take on the Pro Plan. I have been beta testing with ACTION and I think it is a wonderful program. …

The ACT Certification Beta Tester Feedback Thread 
Back in the Fall of 2009, we were contacted by ACT Certification because they were looking for experienced and already certified personal trainers to test …

ACTION is a scam 
I took the cert exam. They didn't even ask for my CPR - which the big ones do. That bothered me. I would expect that if they want NCCA status, …

question about free plan 
Hi all, Just wondering how prepared you think I would be if I only read the whole textbook and answer the review questions. I have had no background …

Great cert! 
The ACTION test was tough but well made. There were a few trick questions but honestly only having to get a 70 shouldn't be too hard for anyone that studies. …

Lots of Improvement to Become Credible 
I just took the exam...and passed. I am responding in regard to the credibility of this cert and the likely hood of NCCA accredited. First, …

Great First Cert! Not rated yet
I got signed up with ACTION before the NCCA accreditation. I waited until that was attained and then proceeded. I passed my CPT test in 2014. I didn't …

ACTION Certification User Reviews Not rated yet
Greetings everyone. My name is Jhansen and I reside in British Columbia, Canada and I just completed and passed the ACTION CPT exam 2011/11/09. First …

Katie's prep course Not rated yet
I passed the ACTION exam today thanks to Katie's exam prep course. :) Okay, it's not that simple. I downloaded the ACTION textbook, read it carefully …

Passed Action exam and got the job! Not rated yet
I've been studying for the ACE exam for months now. My background is law enforcement and I had no previous experience with any of this material or subject …

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