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ACTION is a scam

by Brett

*** Editor's Note - ACTION earned NCCA Accreditation in January 2014 after this post was published.***

I took the cert exam. They didn't even ask for my CPR - which the big ones do. That bothered me. I would expect that if they want NCCA status, they would act like it and require CPR. I also had only signed up for their basic package and they charged me $39 anyway, in spite of their website telling me "we only need your credit card info in case you decide to upgrade". I NEVER wanted to upgrade and didn't order an upgrade and then when I called to ask them to remove the charge - yeah, all you get is a recording that says - email us, we don't answer the phone. My boss doesn't accept their cert, so I studied for exactly two hours with their materials and took the test anyway since they don't give refunds, didn't pass the test, but got 65% correct. C'mon, it takes MONTHS of studying Cooper to pass theirs. Once these guys get NCCA accredited, maybe they can be taken seriously, but you WON'T get a job with an ACTION cert unless you are working for someone who doesn't care, and the fact they charge you for an upgrade and then won't answer the phone tells me something fishy is going on here. I will call NCCA and see if someone there would like to talk about how they run their business.

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A few clarifications
by: Rebbecca - ACTION Customer Support Team

Hi Brett,

First, I wanted to apologize that you are upset. My name is Rebecca and I am the first point of contact at ACTION Certification for Customer Support. We strive to help our students get through the certification process. While I don't agree with everything you said, a few clarifications might help you understand how our program works.

First off, ACTION Certification recommends that all of its trainers get CPR certified prior to working as a personal trainer. But we do not require you to show proof of CPR certification. And you may be interested to know that neither the NCCA or major insurance companies require it either. But again, it is a very good idea to have the certification.

Secondly, the $39 charge you received was because you signed up for a free optional 10 week trial of the ACTION Personal Training System and did not cancel your subscription. The ACTION Personal Training System is free during the 10 week trial period. When the trial is over it automatically converts to a monthly subscription of $39.95. We sent a confirmation email when you signed up that explained the subscription and included your next billing date. If you no longer want to use the system, you can send us a request to cancel your subscription. But if you don't contact us we have no way of knowing that you don't want what you signed up for.

Thirdly, we provide email support for our customers. You can get support at any time by going to and clicking on the contact us link. We respond to 99% of all customer issues within 1 business day and often provide night and weekend support. We can provide this high level of service and keep our prices low at the same time by utilizing email.

As far as the exam being too easy... that is a new complaint that I haven't heard. The exam is built to NCCA Accreditation standards which means that every question on the exam directly links to the job activities of a personal trainer (there is a lot of statistical analysis that demonstrates this). If you know how to perform the job of a personal trainer, you will easily pass the exam.

One last thing about getting a job... There are ACTION Certified Personal Trainers working in every major gym chain and countless independent locations. While no certification can guarantee you a job at a particular location, our program is based upon sound education principles which map directly to our exam built to NCCA Accreditation standards. This should give most employers the comfort that your possess the knowledge required for a working personal trainer.

If we can help you in any way, please contact us at support by using the Contact Us link on the ACTION Certification site.


ACTION Certification Support

Start somewhere
by: Glen Edward Mitchell

Action who just change there name is in it's infancy stage! they will get better but they are trying to do things right! No book learn personal training can ever be as good as hands on like NPTI I have ACSM NASM & ACE But what I really have is 35 years experience and you cant read a book or take a test on that!

Read before you sign up.
by: Kimo

I have had good feedback and response from Rebecca. Guess it pays to pay close attention to what you sign up for. Plus, it would help to read e-mail.

ACTION has been great!!
by: Anonymous

I have been working with ACTION and Rebecca for several months now and I have been very satisfied. I was skeptical at first, but they have proven themselves to be trustworthy up to this point. I have been using the online software and it's very helpful. The cirriculm is informative and I passed the online test. I will be taking the PSI version soon. I am learning alot and their customer service is excellent. They have responded to my questions within one business day as promised. I will be purchasing insurance through ACTION as well. I have not done this yet, so I cannot comment on the details of the policy but I have faith that it will be as good as the rest of the program. I would recommend the program to anyone who is wanting to get certified. Thanks ACTION!!

NSCA certified, Action isnt a scam lol
by: Anonymous

I mean it really doesn't matter what cert you have, a lot of high end gyms will hire just based on personality and being able to apply your knowledge to hands on training. I have my NSCA, i got action because it was free, so why not. Their curriculum isn't top of the line but unless someone just really isnt cut out for personal training you learn more than enough with action. I'd take action over cooper or ACE because those are simply too easy for the hype. Get NSCA or ACSM if you're willing to put in the time, a lot of it. Otherwise you have nothing to lose with a free cert. ACE is NCCA accredited and is by far the easiest cert to get so I don't see why Action wouldn't qualify eventually

Action is worth it
by: court ellis

Action must be doing something right because it has gotten a lot of press and now NCAA accredited !! I have just purchased it in order to have an accredited certification while I await my NASM package, but I am also getting a series of other certifications such as my health coach certification, and a few others. The Action will be most useful while I continue to gain other certs. I may keep it, and that is because this is a growing cert!!

Action is AWESOME!
by: Anonymous

I just passed the online exam and I'm scheduled to take the NCCA accredited test next week. I'm so excited to start a career as a PT at 50 years young to REPRESENT the baby boomers!

re action being a scam
by: Anonymous

It is not a scam! and actually it is recognized by A.C.E and is listed on their A.C.E Site as one of PT courses needed as a prerequisite to other courses.

Thanks Action you are great!

ACTION has been great!
by: Liz

I just passed the online test for my ACTION Personal Trainer Certification and learned an abundance of information. So ecstatic to take the PSI test!!

I have only one issue and I hope someone can help. I just registered for the 10 week Personal Training System and I have not received my login information. Is it supposed to be e-mailed over instantly?



Action working for me. Thanks
by: Ron

I was certified with n.c.s.f. for two years and not all gyms would accept that cert.I did find my clients did not care who i was certified with just that i was.I let it expire due to personal reasons and i am now using action to get certified again. I find it is equal to n.c.s.f. in content and a heck of a lot cheaper.Thanks Action about time someone did something for free.I will take the test soon and will repost.

by: Anonymous

I presented Action Certification to 2 major gyms and it was accepted because it is NCCA accredited.

I like ACTION with one exception. I did not thing that their online free book would adequately prepare someone to pass the test.

I passed it because I was an experienced trainer when I took the test.

I will probably write my own book to prepare one for the test.

Good luck.

Why is this post still up?
by: JT

I'm wondering why this posting, "ACTION is a scam", is still up, as it doesn't deserve the attention. The folks at ACTION have earned great respect in the Personal Training realm through their dedication to providing a most excellent & affordable NCCA accredited resource. ACTION is not a scam any more than the NSCA is. Give me a break. This post is misleading.

ACTION is great
by: Stephen okumu

I enrolled for Action personal training certifications and am so grateful, I did. Through their courses I have become a professional fitness instructor and since then I have not looked back.

ACTION is NOT a scam
by: Trainer Jo

Just because you aren't happy with your experience does not make it a "scam". I have been dealing with ACT since 2012 and have been impressed by their program and their company policies. I even had a few issues with them, and they did a damned good job and rectifying it all.

First off, any ethical trainer knows to get his or her CPR/1stAid card as well as insurance. That is part of our jobs! My college did not require me to get one, so does that make my college degree in Exercise Science a scam?!?

Quite spreading lies and go directly to the company to iron on the issue.

by: Anonymous

The ACTION CPT provide a comprehensive knowledge required for teaching clients who wants to stay health fit and strong. What is use of unnecessary theoretical knowledge which doesn't have any active real life application and ACTION CPT deliver exactly the necessary knowledge to become a pro personal trainer. Read the ACTION CPT book watch the videos on exercise science, biomechanics, assessment, special population, exercise programming, recovery mechanism, legal issue, emergency care and sports psychology. What you write or read does not matter in fitness industry, most important everything must me implemented practically for result driven training.

Stop being an idiot on the web, first do proper research than write the required feedback.

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