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Massachusetts Personal Trainer Certification

personal trainer certification bostonThere used to be only a few choices for certification in Massachusetts but the industry has grown giving up good options for personal trainer certification in Boston and all over MA.

If you are living in Massachusetts and interested in starting a new career as a personal trainer, choosing your certification program is your biggest concern. The larger certification providers will often offer weekend workshops in Boston but if you are looking for more than a few hours of instructor time, your options are a bit more limited.

A good school with several Massachusetts locations is American International College. Their personal trainer certificate program will get you trained up and ready to take the NSCA exam (or others if you prefer). They have locations in Braintree, Cambridge, Framingham, Springfield and Woburn.

If you want to attend a school dedicated to personal training, NPTI is going to be your best bet. Located in Waltham, their six month hands on program will prepare you far better than the workshop programs. NPTI is a nationally recognized school with 23 locations across the country. You actually earn a diploma that is recognized by the State of Massachusetts at the end of your program along with certifications in personal training and nutrition.

But if none of these options work for you, you should consider one of the online certification programs. Whatever you choose, make sure you go with a program that is actually going to prepare you to be a personal trainer. Unless you are really good at textbook learning, a hands on component is a must.

So here are some of programs available for personal trainer certification in Boston.

Personal Trainer Certification Boston and Massachusetts

branford hall
Branford Hall Career Institute

Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma


Brandord, CT
Southington, CT
Windsor, CT,
Springfield, MA

Graduates will be able to perform a variety of exercise related assessments and tests, design safe and effective exercise programs, support nutrition and activity in healthy lifestyles and be proficient in a variety of business related skills. Certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) will be included in this program. Successful completers of the program are prepared to sit for two national certifications. To receive information about this program, click your location above.


personal trainer certification
Personal Trainer Diploma + Personal Trainer Certification + Nutrition Certification
Waltham, Massachusetts
Widely available comprehensive program combining classroom and hands on training. See our full review for details. (Get Free Info Pack)


Online Personal Training Programs

You can take these online certification courses from anywhere. So if you are not near a city that has a personal training school, this is a good option.

act certification online

Certified Personal Trainer


Online Course

ACTION Certification is making a bold statement by offering FREE Personal Trainer Certification. You can download their 300 page textbook, study and take the exam, all without paying them a cent. But most people will benefit from their package of extras they offer for $65 which includes unlimited online training classes, practice exams, instructor email support and more. (Read our ACTION Certification Review) (ACTION Web Site)


Personal Trainer Diploma


Online Course

Another online personal training course that allows you to self study at your own pace. All exams are taken online and the curriculum uses a mixture of audio and video programs to compliment the textbook. The overall program including materials and exams is available for around $900 making it an economical choice and a quick way to get started in the industry. (Receive More Information)

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