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NPTI Compared to Other Certifications

NPTI is a 500 hour course which involves actually hands on practical hours. I am an NPTI certified personal trainer and I have worked alongside ACSM, ACE, NESTA, and several other personal trainers and I was scared for their clients. The form that they are teaching is terrible. Their knowledge was somewhat comparable but I felt miles ahead of them. Apparently it showed because I had almost 30 clients while the next highest personal trainer had only 11. The results for my clients were also noticeably better than that of the other trainers. So why are these other certs accredited programs while NPTI is not?

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by: Anonymous

i checked out NPTI and was suprised to find out that at the end of the 6 month course and the $6,000 it takes to enroll, you are not yet a "Certified Trainer" and still have to go out and take an exam through ACSM, ACE, ect.
Maybe that will change soon, but NPTI guys deff. have a world of knowledge, hopefully one day they'll have there own certification

NPTI-NCCA cert available for grads
by: Anonymous

you can now take an A-CPT (advanced) cert that is NCCA accredited. you need to have:
•500 Hour State Board of Education Approved Training Program; OR
•A Bachelor's Degree in a health-related field from a regionally accredited college or university
•Minimum of 200 hours of practical experience
•Current Adult CPR & AED certifications that has a practical skills examination component (such as the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross)
this is with The Training and Wellness Certification Commission (NCCA)
this was designed for the NPTI student, anyone else that has enough education to pass the adverced certified personal trainer cert

many factors
by: Anonymous

While I am encouraged by the hours offered in the NPTI cert, as a Director & hiring manager of personal training, aquatic and group fitness departments, for all those that 'go to school' for fitness, I still require certifications. While that sounds hard for some with a Phy Ed degree, or even one with a MS in Exercise Science, the NCCA accred certs show a minimum level of knowlege. I have met people, unfortunately, with a 2 yr ex science degree, a 4 yr Phy Ed degree, and a MS in Ex Sci but newly out of school and no personal training cert yet who were not ready to begin training!
Alot goes into a trainer being good. Just a gym rat who recently certifies with any agency doesnt mean they dont need more TRAINING and education, and doesnt mean they shouldnt mentor or that they are even READY to train. I prefer to hire people with some experience, extra training, such as you may have, certified experience teaching group fitness classes for a few years, and also some common sense. Nothing replaces a feel for safety and common sense.
Trainers who are good are like cream, they rise to the top.

6000 dollars?
by: Anonymous

You say you have 30 clients, you are better because you payd 6000 dollars. Quick remender you dont need to pay $6000 to be a good personal trainer, look at Bob Harper one of the most famous PT in US and outside he have an $200 dollars AFTA online certificate and i think a TV network dont gonna put someone if he was not good or unprofissional for is clients.

What you need to realize
by: Anonymous

Honestly, your comments only shows an arrogant attitude as one cannot surmise the amount of knowledge a trainer has.

As far as NPTI, spending 6,000 dollars doesn't make you superior to other trainers. Only real world experience counts

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