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It's What You Make of It

The National Personal Training Institute is a school, which awards it's graduates either a "Diploma" or "Certification of Completion" depending on the state that the school is licensed in. When you seek employment at a gym you might need to add a NCCA accredited certification (TWCC, ACE, ACSM, NSCA, NASM) on top of NPTI's diploma. NPTI's diploma does grant graduates the ability to acquire Limited Liability Insurance, so technically the completion of NPTI is all you will legally need to work in the industry.

Many NPTI graduates start businesses, acquire jobs at fitness facilities, and are very successful never having to add other certifications. However, Lifetime has a hiring agreement with NASM. I have a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Exercise Science as well as a Sports and Performance Coach certification through USA Weightlifting. Lifetime will hire me and NPTI graduates, however, we would all have a 90 day grace period to acquire NASM. Most Fitness Director's have a high turn over in the industry. Some of those Directors have University educations, some are NPTI graduates, some have an online education, and others have basic certifications and have worked their way up the totem pole some how.

The honest truth is that nobody is really on the same page in the industry. There is no standardization, yet! Many Directors just go with what they know best and that's usually the route they took to get their job. It's kind of an ego thing. So, think of NPTI as the school (diploma) that gives you a ton of applied experience and TWCC, ACE, ACSM etc as the certifications.

Many people debate about either NPTI or a simple certification like ACE, but professionals should strive for both. 1 plus 1 = success. Massage Therapists go to school to get the diploma and hands on experience and then they have to sit for the national certification before becoming licensed. Personal trainers have just as much influence and ability to do harm to the human body if untrained as do massage therapists. So we should all be hoping for licensing requirements that encompass both education and certification minimums in the near future. Once that happens, NPTI and University grads will be jumping for joy, because many of the trainers that give our profession a bad name will be weeded out of the fitness industry and force to go back to school. NPTI set up their schools as proprietary schools in their respective states and follow the same bi-laws as the massage schools, so it will be an easy transition for NPTI to enter a licensing protocol.

NPTI, just like any other educational opportunity, is going to be a dynamic relationship between the teacher and student. If you are eager and enthusiastic to learn then go to NPTI. Communicate well with your instructor. Your instructor will be their to help you. If you study, have great attendance, read the books, ask questions, participate in every way possible, and think of the first day of class and the first day of your new career you will get every pennies worth of the NPTI program.

I spent 7 years and tens of thousands of dollars on a University education and a graduate degree, but honestly, I was never taught even one exercise in 7 years. Many Universities' Exercise Science programs are set up on a research focused curriculum and have very little practical focus and definitely not a "personal training" practical focus.

In conclusion, $6,300 is well worth your enrollment, if your student efforts will match your financial investment. It's what you make of it. You can get a bachelor's degree and waste $50,000 and four years of your life, or you can get a bachelor's degree and go to the moon.

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by: Ruby

I agree with this post that NPTI or any other education is what you make of it. I think choosing a certification should be done the same way as a high profile athlete or any other person chooses a school to attend. Access your goals, talk with the instructors and staff and see how they can help you reach your goals, weigh any other important factors and choose.

When I was reading about how you went to school for exercise science and never learned one single exercise I thought of my experience as a student athlete. I attended a Division I school on a full athletic scholarship and I can say that I feel in better hands strenght training with my NPTI classmates who graduated with me than I did with my collegiate strength coaches. I would love to see the industry push for liscensure.

Different kinds of certifications, how do I choose?
by: Evie

Hello Everyone. I have never posted anything on this site, but I thought that this time I may be able to bring some positive comments that may help someone to make the right decision. I agree with some of the comments about the different types of certifications. I also graduated from a NPTI program in Florida. When the school open I was the second group that graduated from the school. For me doing this program has been one of the best experiences I have had in my professional life. I physically had to go to a classroom, take quizzes, tests, do presentations, train, practice in groups, design a program, and take a final exam. It was intense but it was worth it.

When I compare certifications vs the diploma that this school offers I can tell you that although a diploma may sound like is not much this program prepares Personal Trainers way, way, way better than just getting an online certification. Their goal is more on hands-on training than theory although they cover both very well. I am always surprise by the fact that a lot of facilities still blind by the fact that they still asking personal trainers that they need to have either an ACE, NSCA, IFFA or other certifications and not recognizing the validity of the NPTI programs. I am always wondering how an online certification can prove that you can master the real world challenges when training your first client if you have never been expose yourself in practicing how to design a fitness program for a client. I am not saying that you should not consider getting certified by the most recognized organizations. Actually is a good idea and it will please the fitness industry, but your satisfaction should come from knowing that you attended a school that teaches you from A-Z and is hands-on to make sure that when you are finish with the program you are REALLY, REALLY ready to be the best Personal Trainer that you can be. Your clients will appreciate that you know what are you doing because of your training. In Florida now a lot of the facilities are more flexible and recognizing the NPTI program which I think is the best thing it has happen in a long time. I am actually getting ready to get my NSCA certification and I hope to pass it. I wish everyone out there the best!!!

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