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NPTI now NCCA accredited?

by jsmith

NPTI website (April 2009) says grads can sit for an A-CPT certification if meet requirements of "500 Hour State Board of Education Approved Training Program; OR a Bachelor's Degree in a health-related field from a regionally accredited college or university; AND Minimum of 200 hours of practical experience."

Is this a pre-existing cert that NPTI is now 'qualified' for - or just an NPTI thing?

Either way, how does it compare to ACE, etc?

I guess the 500 hour program refers to the NPTI course?

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npti great idea.
by: Anonymous

current student here. our course is based on the NSCA cpt. we use their book.

NPTI Graduate
by: John B

I graduated the NPTI course this past year. We used the NSCA CSCS manual as our main text, plus seperate texts for anatomy and nutrition.

Even though we used the CSCS manual, I feel the NPTI course work better prepares your for the NSCA CPT exam than the CSCS (I did sit for and pass my CSCS before I graduated NPTI) as our classroom focus was more on general population than athletes and sport distinctions.

Completing the NPTI course will certify you as a personal trainer. It's up to you whether or not you want to pursue additional certs - as not everyone is aware of NPTI.

NPTI and TWCC Partnership for NCCA Acrredited A-CPT Exam
by: Ruby

To my knowledge all NPTI school are accredited through the Department of Education for each state where the school operates. NPTI is now partnered with Trainin and Wellness Certification Commission (TWCC) that offers an Advance Certified Personal Trainer(A-CPT) certification.

To sit for the A-CPT exam you need to either have gone through a Bachelor's program or a 500 hour program like NPTI. This is similar to NSCA's CSCS requirements. At this time, the one draw back to this partnership that I see at the moment, there is no discount for NPTI graduates for the cost of the exam. But that does not stop us graduates from writing to TWCC and NPTI requesting a discount.

Waste of money
by: Anonymous

I attended NPTI back in 2003 before I realized that a NCCA accredited certification was required for just about every gym and studio.

In my opinion it is a complete waste of money to go to NPTI because you aren't certified to do anything. However, you do gain a lot of knowledge and hands on skills from them. I think it is a shame that they aren't able to offer a certification after you spend 6 months there.

I decided that I wasn't going to go sit for an exam for a certification but instead get CEC's (Continuing Education Credits). And if you are planning on running your own operation than you don't really need one of those other certifications.

If you want to be a personal trainer and you need a certification do not go to NPTI. Get a NCCA certified certification from one of the other organizations and you will save tons of money.

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