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lawsuit Examples


I am a Kisiosology Student at a University, and I am taking a required Business law class. I need to do a presentation for law class that has to do with the difference and advantages disadvantages of an LLC vs Sole Proprietorship. I have to use a specific legal case as part of my presentation.

Since I am a kinesiology student AND a Personal fitness trainer myself I wanted to use a case law example from this field. There are tons of publications on why it is better to be an LLC and tons of information on how to protect yourself as a personal trainer from lawsuits etc.
But I can not find one single legal example of how being an LLC vs an SP helped in a legal lawsuit. I keep reading about the hundreds of lawsuits filed every year against trainers but again I can not find any exact examples to use.

Do you have any exact legal case law examples I might try and look up? A few example I can look up would be great. Just the names of the suits are all I need and then I can take it from there. State cases, federal cases, individual does not matter.

Specifically, I need to use a case to prove my argument that being an LLC they protected all their personal assets from claims and liability. So a case where a fitness trainer was sued (for any number of reasons, negligence, financial etc) even though they may have lost the case they did not lose their house and all other of their personal assets. Pretty much I am looking for what all the fitness lawyers are stating why it is best to be an LLC. Well I need an exact example, not just the generic business reference as to why

I know not the question you might have been expecting. But I have spent almost a week doing research and getting nowhere. So I am grasping at straws now.

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