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Personal Training Business Cards

One of the most important tools you have to promote your business is your personal training business cards. And the best part is they cost almost nothing.

Give it Up

People are funny when it comes to personal training business cards. They treat them like you can't get another 1000 printed for a few bucks. And so they tend to give them out sparingly except for clients. And I think this has a lot to do with how business cards are priced.

Typical Prices

Personal training business cards will normally cost about:

250 cards - $20
500 cards - $25
1000 cards- $30

But you can design your own cards on the Internet for even less. In fact, you can now get FREE Business Cards! WOW! You can't beat the price if you are just starting out.

But I would pay the extra $9.99 for the Premium Business cards. The logo choices are better and you can even upload your own logo or design. If you don't have your own logo, try browsing through their Sports and Fitness designs. There are some nice designs available. Here is what the premium business cards will cost:

250 cards - $10
500 cards - $15
1000 cards- $20

As I was checking out these prices I noticed you can now get FREE Notecards from! I like to send my clients thank you cards and motivational messages periodically. And these fit the budget!


Tiny Advertisement

We are all poor when we first start out so we choose the 100 or 250 business card package. After all, we can't possibly have more than 250 clients. But this is a big mistake.

Treat your personal training business cards as tiny advertisements. And here is the important part.

** Leave them everywhere **

If you are in a doctor's waiting room drop them by the magazines or even inside the magazines as a bookmark. I even stuff a card between the cushions of the chair. Leave a few on the bus, on grocery store shelves and in restaurant bathrooms. But here's the secret...

** Don't leave a stack of them **

When people see a stack of business cards, they ignore them. If they see something propped up by the bathroom sink against the mirror, they read it. And you never know, the person reading it might just pick it up and call you.

Go Big!

When you order your personal training business cards make sure you buy the large quantity. That way you won't feel bad about wasting them since they cost you a fraction of a penny each. If you pick up one client by dropping those thousand cards, you have made a huge profit.

Logos and Design

You can get a professional graphic design artist to design a custom logo for your personal training business cards and stationery. It looks great and is usually a great investment if you can afford it. Expect to pay a few hundred dollars for a choice of three logo concepts with a couple rounds of revisions. If you like my web site logo above, we came up with that in two days (don't copy me!). I use that logo on my web site, business cards, invoices and notecards. Not bad for $245.

If you use a custom logo your printing costs will be a little more but if you limit the number of colors you use and buy your personal training business cards in large quantities you can reduce the cost.

Insider Tips

insider tipsI've been leaving my cards in random places for the past year and have picked up three clients this way. I always ask my clients how they heard about me. I also give extra cards to each client periodically so they can help spread them around to friends and co-workers.

- Tom, Oakland CA


insider tipsI started placing my personal training business cards on cars at some gyms. I was afraid that I was just going to piss people off. I might have, but I picked up two clients with less than 2 hours worth of promo work.

- name withheld

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