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How to Get Personal Training Clients

It doesn't matter if you are working for a big chain or running your own business, if you don't know how to attract and retain clients as a personal trainer you are in big trouble.

But you can to learn how to do it.

Every new personal trainer struggles with getting new clients. And there are many people trying to sell you the "secrets of success". So how do you really breakthrough the barrier and become comfortable with selling yourself?

The formula is quite simple.

1. Make sure you are offering a valuable service

2. Differentiate yourself from other trainers


In fact, this formula was our mission when we started creating our Complete Training System for Personal Trainers. There is nothing better than having satisfied clients to help you get more clients.


Surely There Has to Be More to It

personal training clientsThere is no shortage of people who will try to sell you their secrets to success. In fact, we get emails every day of the week from these guys. And we just laugh at how somebody might pay $1800 to spend a weekend with some self-proclaimed fitness guru. After the end of the weekend, the big secret revealed was to send thank you notes to your clients. We tell you all that for free.


So How Do You Sell Yourself

Let's assume that you invested in your education and you are providing valuable services to your personal training clients. How do you attract new clients?

While there are many amazing tips submitted by our readers below it all comes down to a two prong approach.

1. You need to leverage technology to bring in the leads, and

2. Leverage technology to close and retain the sale.

What does technology have to do with getting personal training clients? First off you can easily win the local search engine war for your business. The internet has become a huge source of referrals for successful trainers and getting to the #1 position on Google is ridiculously easy if you are willing to put in a little effort.

Secondly, to close the sale you can offer great value added services to your clients like professional meal planning and goal tracking online tools.

And the best part is that the tools are very inexpensive. So skip the fitness gurus, and check out the great tools for training clients both online and offline. You will soon see how easy it is to be the top trainer at your gym or to turn a new client into a loyal client (and long term revenue stream).

How do you Attract Personal Training Clients?

Share your best tip or ask a question about attracting new personal training clients.

How to Attract Clients Discussion

Check out what other personal trainers are saying about selling themselves and attracting clients. Jump in and share your views and answer questions.

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Flyers in neighborhoods? 
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How do I get Personal Training Clients? 
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ways to get clients for fitness 
I agree, when I worked at the gym, you can start conversations with people using bad form. Or you can walk the floor, or stand at the entrance and …

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Has anybody ever worked out their average marketing cost to acquire one new client? I'm thinking about becoming independent and am trying to think of all …

The Greatest Marketing Strategies Ever Not rated yet
1. The Web Site If you don't have a web site, you're going to die a slow death as a trainer. Do this now. Get on or maybe even Yahoo …

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