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How to Approach Prospective Clients

by Kyle
(Jacksonville, FL)

I work at a larger gym in Florida as a personal trainer. So far I have been lucky and acquired a few clients through other trainers leaving. I would like to be able to approach complete strangers, have a good conversation and sell my services. This is the only way I am going to increase my clientele. Does anyone have any advice on how or what to say to people. Thanks!

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by: Noel Lyons

Hey Kyle,

If you were chatting up a pretty girl, would you go over and sell yourself?!

Because the principles are pretty much the same. Far better to attract their attention and then take an active interest in the prospect.

For me this means asking about their exercise history (past), where they are at the moment (present) and where they would like to be (future). It's also action-orientated as if they want new results, they must try new things.

Keep notes if need-be. But armed with this information, you can now check-in with them everytime you see them. Done well, prospects will be more open to what you have to offer when they feel they already know and trust you.

So don't feel you need to close there and then. Just generate awareness and interest, and be visible with existing clients.

Noel Lyons

by: Anonymous

The reason I say intent is that if your intent is only to land a new client and make some $$$ then people will see right through it. To give you an example of what I mean, I will explain my process.

I am a trainer and personal development coach specialising in corporate clients. I don't work in a gym because I am sick of seeing trainers who really don't understand the natural biomechanical, hormonal and neurological function of the human body. This is evident in the pattern overload problem experienced with machine weights. But that's another story altogether.

My simplest approach is to write a letter to the decision maker that outlines what I do, how I'm different and offering a free sample and then follow up with a phone call. What I predominantly offer is a free health and goals assessment. I use this because I conduct a very comprehensive assessment on my clients, this is one of the things that sets my company apart.

Once I conduct the assessment I will provide some very in-depth recommendations. My intent is to increase awareness of movement, lifestyle, health etc, and how to obtain it.

Basically give people something that blows them away and then surprise them by not giving a hard sell, just pure service. Just approach a stranger, start chatting, introduce yourself and what you do, offer them a tip or two or even a free session and take notice of what they truly need.

I believe that one of the keys is to simply become an outstanding trainer. Imagine having Bruce Lee as your martial arts instructor, he stood out and you would travel many miles and pay quite a lot to someone who truly walks their talk to the max. You need to be the same, become a walking example that stands out from anything that anyone has ever seen before.

I hope this helps a little.


Chris Lyons

Member interaction
by: Anonymous

Just be yourself!

So first look for anyone with bad form, struggling with the equipment, looking lost. Then you can readily approach them and help with their problem.. "Hi! Are you ok with that? Do you need a helping hand?" etc.

For the others, keep saying hello and acknowledge anyone within 10 feet, that way, anyone that wants to speak to you will have the opportunity to call you over for help or advice.

Approach the most friendly seeming people who give good eye-contact, and just make chit-chat. "Hi! How's it going? How is your training going at the moment?" That tends to lead into a decent consversation that will be rounded and equal.
Then you will have your chance to have introduced yourself properly and told them your specialities - so if they ever need a hand then to look out for you, and if they really want to give their training a kick to take a free consultation - where you can really sell yourself and what they can expect to achieve!

The trick is, be friendly, natural and helpful. The rest should follow naturally!

Good luck!

Hard at first
by: Meegz

Hey, i found this had at first but now it just comes naturally, i usually approch people who are doin exercises incorrect nd ask is there a reason why your doing the exercise that way, generally its a no then ill say prehaps i can show you how to get more out of it? and just go from there... or ill walk uo to people on the treadmills and introduce my self then ask what there training today, how often they train, fav exercises, there weekend, what there opinion is of a pt and what role they play then offer a free session or go straight to the point, if not i just say well if you have any questions feel free to ask or give me a call and ill be happy to help... helpfull = friendly = happy client = happy trainer =) hope that helps all the best

approaching new clients
by: Anonymous

As a mobile Personal Trainer I like to have a certain number of clients that I train as I am a mum to a young toddler and will increase my client numbers as my free time increases. To be honest I am particular about the kind of client I like to train but do explain this to prospective clients. I tell people that I am always looking for clients who have realistic goals and who are not afraid of the challenges ahead and that I will not only be coaching and guiding them along the way but I will be teaching them as much as I can about the most effective ways in achieving their goals.
My own personal motivation to help people succeed is usually motivation enough for new clients to want me to train them. I tell them that it will not always be easy but it will be safe, effective and fun.

I think that if you are passionate about your own health and fitness and have the chance to take someone along on that road to fitness then being a personal trainer will be the most rewarding job you can ever have.

Sell your own confidence and uniqueness and do not be afraid of approaching people that you may normally avoid.They may well end up teaching you something which is always a bonus and obviously the more you can learn the more you will be able to teach others.

Good luck and enjoy what you do as it is a really amazing job with hopefully rewards that money could never buy. Nicki Toms. New Zealand.

RE: Approaching Prospects
by: Matt

My strategy is to offer a free session. The goal of the session is (and explain this to them) to fill out a questionaire about their goals and exercise and medical history. You can offer a body fat test. Most importantly you will help them to determine how many sets and reps they should be doing by going over some exercises. The last part is important because many people really want to know that. So when you explain what you are going to do for them (for free!) most will accept.

If the person is qualified and interested, you should offer another free session so that you can go through a full, fast-paced workout before going for a close. This gives you 2 hours to become their freind, gain their trust, and prove your value.

How To Approach New Clients
by: Ravi

Finding and Approaching New Clients can be the most intimidating process for any business owner or manager. The key to beginning is to accept the fact that almost every business is a sales business. Most everyone is looking to sell your product or service to another. And of course there is a 50/50 chance that the potential client/customer may or may not want what you are offering.
To boost your confidence you also want to understand that you should not take it personally if they turn you down. If you stand on the middle of Main Street and offered people free Gold Bars, many will walk right past you. Either they won’t believe what you are offering is real, or they will tell you they are in a hurry and don’t have time to stop, or that they don’t feel like carrying it, and excuses we can barely imagine.
Before you begin approaching clients, you will want to put together a list of those you want to work with and who would have an interest in what you offer

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