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New Personal Training Clients...?

by Kristen

I've been personal training now for about 5 months at a local fitness club. I have decided to expand my opportunities by offering my services outside of the club. I went ahead and made business cards and flyers that outline the highlights of my services and my price list.

Unfortunately, I live in a residential community which is rather private and each time I have posted my flyers and business cards, someone has removed them. I do not know whether I should keep posting them or find some other way of attracting clients. I have met a few clients via personal friends, but I know there are a lot of people in my neighborhood looking for trainers. What is the best way to go about gaining more clients at this time?

Any hints would be appreciated!
Thank you!! :)

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Marketing Option
by: Shenetta F

I have recently started my wellness & fitness training business and also thought of posting flyers in the neighborhood. Some cities have ordinances restricting the posting of non standard posters. Besides I am sure you want to personalize your services, right?

Obtain the street addresses in your neighborhood and mail the flyer or create a mailing brochure and get it out in the community.

It adds an extra personal touch because you thought enough of your neighbors to mail the information and did not go the easy way of posting a few flyers.

I am doing this right now and expect to get a great return from this since there has been an increase of neighborhood walkers in the past few weeks.

Good Luck

by: Ken Karanck


I read over your information about getting leads. Fliers are not the best, you might get a few bites.

I would reccommend going to the local spa, or massage places and doing a cross promo with them.

It will make you look much more professional. Youo can also get a web site, very cheap... hosting is around 10 bucks a month.

I have 12 years expereince in the field and I have worked for all the magor clubs in the country. I can tell you working for yourself
is the best route, hard to get started, but much more rewarding!

Web Service
by: Anonymous

I use a web service called You pay a small amount for the leads and the contacts are always up for at least 1 session to test me out. I've gotten 4 long term clients from it.

by: Anonymous

you could try going to the local university and post flyers around sorority houses and stuff. lots of those kids parents have money. and of course they want to look good. make biz cards and maybe go to a popular store or coffee shops, ask if you pay them some cash to have them hand out cards to every customer or something... just some ideas

Question and Sales Idea from a former financial advisor contemplating a career as a PT
by: Anonymous

I'm a former financial advisor - I was in the business for 20 years and was constantly faced with having to grow and expand my business. I was reading this thread, because I'm contemplating becoming a PT. I just turned 50 - I'm assuming that there might be a market for older PT's as some older clients might be threatened by younger PT's (right or wrong assumption ---- comments ? )

With regard to building the business, my experience in the financial industry was that there was no magical elixir. The best way to grow the business is word of mouth and referrals. Ideally, you'd like to develop a close personal bond with the individual and get to know him very well. Get intro'd to his friends were he works, his family, his neighbors etc. The key is to do a good job for the client and they'll trust you. Treat them how you'd like to be treated, with honesty and respect and they'll refer lots of clients. Building an email data base of possible candidates might be a nice way to market on a regular basis. Send an interesting story or article to someone that you think might be interested. The key is staying "in front" of people. You want to be known as the PT, so that when they're ready to move forward and commit, you're there.

First meeting with a new client
by: Anonymous

I take the attitude that the new client left his comfort zone when he/she decided to invite to meet with me. I try to learn what they expect from me and why, what is the time frame, and what issues might prevent them from reaching their goal.

Then I take some time explaining what we can do (every meeting with every client is slightly different content), what my experience is, what are the benefits in doing exercise, what exercise won't do for them, what the steps in which they have to cooperate in order for us to work together (health form, range of motion tests, fat measure, payment terms, etc).

And the two most important questions at the very first introduction: what days and hours are your available next week so that we can get started, and would you care to refer me to any of your friends or acquaintances who might need personal training.

Good luck.

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