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Flyers in neighborhoods?

by Carolyn
(Seguin , Texas)

I live out in the country and have a hard time advertising to people I have been walking neighborhoods to promote my bussiness. Has anyone had success with getting clients by walking around and putting flyer on mailboxes. Does anyone have any other ideas to promote to finding clients.

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It's illegal to do that
by: Curtis


I have researched this method as well but found out it is against the law to place items in mailboxes without postage.

Hope that helps and this is probably the hardest way to advertise...cheapest but not a huge response. Best way is word of mouth....train a few and ask for referrals or let them tell everyone they know how awesome of a trainer you are!


Put them on the car instead!
by: Audrey Kerchner

I admire your assertivness to get started on your business. You can't put them in the mailbox but you can put them on folks cars. Also you can do the same thing in a supermarket parking lot as well plus you hit more cars in a smaller area.

Word of mouth is going to be key but its hard getting those first few clients don't worry they will come.

Also you can train friends and family for free. Then the word of mouth will start and by people who already want to help you succeed.

Good luck. and feel free to reach out directly if you have anymore questions

Flyers in parking lot
by: curtis

FYI- Flyers on cars is about as unprofessional as putting them in mailboxes. You must have the owners permission of the property (parking lot) before you start placing flyers on the cars. Be sure to check with your local chamber of commerce for assistance if you have questions. They will be more helpful in keeping you out of trouble.


not as effective as it could be
by: Jessica Nekuda

That's one idea, but a better method is to place flyers in targeted areas with a high number of potential clients.

Day spas, salons, nutritional food stores, sports stores: these are the places to place flyers.

You'll get more out of your flyers if you let interested people pick them up on their own, instead of just placing tons of flyers on unknown people's property. Find businesses in the area you train who will let you leave flyers with them at the checkout counter. Or you can put ads on public bulletin boards. This way, only interested people are getting your flyer.

Jessica Nekuda, Smokin Hot Bod Personal Training

qualify your prospects first
by: dale

To reach your targeted audience you need to appeal to the masses. classifieds are a great way to pre-qualify your prospects. neighborhood shopper papers are very cost effective.

Use free web classifieds like Craigslist
by: Bobby

Use your local Craiglist (, business cards FREE @, and definitely, word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising there is!

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