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How do I get Personal Training Clients?

by Becky
(Lockport, IL)

How do you get your first few clients? Where do you start as a brand new certified personal trainer? I am currently studying to be a personal trainer and am nervous that I will pass all the exams but won't actually be able to get any clients (I am a little shy). Does anybody have any marketing tips for a brand new personal trainer?

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First clients
by: Anonymous

Word of mouth through friends. That is how I got my first clients. It helps to kick start your life as a trainer to start with folks you know, or who know your friends.

Helps to build experience as well.

starting off...
by: Danni

When I first started, I trained a few friends for 1/2 price, so long as they paid for 10 sessions. This way I got plenty of practice in & built my confidence.

Also I did a swap system. A friend is a masseur. I have a massage & In return, train her - same with my hair dresser, gardener... the list goes on.
Word of mouth soon picks up!

Getting started
by: Ken


I would invest in a personal web site first thing first!!!

They are not that hard to develop these days and you will be able to host them at a fee of 10 a month. Not bad..

Next I would look at a part time job or a passive income? meaning something that will pay you when the market gets tired or slow.

You have to remember that clients leave for all reasons and it doesn't matter how nice you are either...

People just have things in life that are more important than seeing you! No offense. I am telling you this because I have been a trainer
for over 12 years and clients come and go, rich and poor...

thanks and good luck

what I do to get clients
by: Deanna

I worked as a personal trainer in a large gym, but now run my own in-home personal training business. As a trainer in a gym, I would walk around the gym and look for members that were using incorrect form while exercising and approach them. After introducing myself, I would offer some advice on proper technique and let the conversation grow from that point. This doesn't always work, but you will get better at it the more you do it.

You should also ask if clients are being made aware of personal training services at the gym and if the new members are interested, the names and numbers of the ones that are interested should be given to the personal trainers on staff.
Ask management if new members are being offered one free session as part of their membership, this will also help with gaining new clients.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

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