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Converting Introductory Sessions to Clients

by Lee

Hi, I have just started personal training, and find I am struggling to get clients. I am presently working at a women's only club, we do initial orientations which consists of 3 different 1 hour sessions with us. During this time we do a fitevals, measurements, and write up a very basic program. Depending on the client, I will either do upper body for the 2nd appointment and lower body for the 3rd appointment. Or i may do whole body for the 2nd, then book the 3rd no more than a week later to see how there doing, in hopes that they will take on more sessions realizing they need help. The club offers these instead of a joining fee, so a lot of women tend to take them.

This is were i'm stuck, i find i'm not getting anyone else to take out personal training after there 3rd session. I'm not sure i should be structuring the orientations differently, all the trainers do them similar. Yet they have clients. Help, I could use tips on how to sell myself, and get clients. Or any tips you may find will help. Thank you so much everyone.


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Too many hours & information for free
by: Carl


I've been a personal trainer for 18 years and my opinion is that part of the problem you are having is that 3 complimentary sessions plus the writen chart is excesive. With such a huge amount of free sessions and by providing the client with a chart,you are basically setting up the client to work alone. I think 1 complementary session is OK and a 2nd one if you feel it is necessary to close the sale,but three 1 hour sessions plus a writen chart for the client is pushing them away from getting a trainer,at least for the moment. Just think:Why would you pay for something that you got for free?

I think the way you(or the club you work in) are setting things up,is mostly good to get clients that after 4 or 5 weeks feel the need to pay to go into a more advanced training program. Do not give too much time and information for free at the begining.Just give enough to comply with your fitness center and to let the client know,that you have the goods.

Yes,we are here to help and educate,but we also have to pay INSURANCE,CPR,CONTINUING EDUCATION, CERTIFICATIONS,BUSINESS CARDS,MARKETING and either RENT(independent contractors) or a PER SESSION PERCENT(in house) to the club.My best advise is:VALUE YOUR SERVICE.

Good luck!

by: Anonymous

I charge 55% off for an introductory session, and my other "free" stuff has strings attached. For instance, I offer some free group exercise classes (I only teach 6 hours of group classes per week) to my personal training clients, depending on the number of personal training sessions that they purchase. Now I do write out exercise plans and give them to my personal training clients, basically because they have paid for them. However, I don't give them anymore than they've paid for. Also, I've discovered that clients love to workout with their personal trainers. So do the exercises with them. Therefore, personality is a factor, too. That's why the group exercise classes work so well.

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