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Personal Fitness Trainer Franchise

Personal fitness trainer franchise businesses have been able to attract a big market in today’s weight-conscious market. The increasing availability of junk food, lack of exercise and activity, long hours in front of the TV, working in front of the computers as well as laid-back attitudes have significantly contributed to obesity. The nagging concerns for weight and the health risks associated with obesity have collectively contributed to a desire for fitness, health and well-being. And as the fitness market has boomed, you'll find more and more personal fitness trainer franchises popping up each day.

Instant Professional Business

For most personal trainers the idea of setting up their own business is daunting. With little business experience and huge risks, it can definitely make you lose sleep at night. That's what makes personal fitness trainer franchises so attractive. They have already figured out strategies for finding a location, procuring gym equipment, and proven marketing programs.

The benefits of purchasing a personal fitness trainer franchise can be huge by allowing you to concentrate on what you are good at and letting others handle the business development strategy including:

* availability of demographic surveying data and assistance with developing a business plan (and financing)

*assistance with facility lease negotiations

* most personal fitness trainer franchises include the necessary business software that helps you to manage your daily operations and financial reporting

* One of the key benefits is that you inherit a proven operational manual which will guide you on setting company policies, hiring and recruitment strategies, employee legal and accounting issues, as well as overall business planning and strategy.

But the biggest value is buying into a proven marketing plan and business model. Rather than floundering while you try to figure things out yourself, you can avoid costly mistakes and get up to speed faster with a personal fitness trainer franchise.

You can expect to receive a few weeks of training including on-site development of your facilities. You should also expect easy access to technical and business support including ways to deal efficiently with your employees and how effectively you can hire them.

Do Your Homework when Selecting a Franchise Partner

You are ultimately selecting a business partner for the long haul when buying a franchise. So it pays to do extensive due diligence. What does that mean? It means calling every existing franchisee of the organization (the franchise company must provide you with a list of franchisees and their contact information by law). Ask a lot of questions to make sure that franchisees are happy with the company and their business results. Pay special attention to any legal action against the franchisor. They must disclose any pending or settled lawsuits in a big disclosure form called a UFOC.

So What are the Downsides?

The biggest downside is cost. You can expect to invest around $150,000 - $200,000 to open your personal fitness trainer franchise. That is a lot to pay for some gym equipment, a marketing manual and a bit of training. That is why so many trainers choose to go it alone. That is also why I have created this web site. To give trainers the ability to share their experience, learn from each other's mistakes, and then grow their businesses.


The personal fitness trainer franchise is certainly quite attractive except for the cost element. However, bear in mind that no franchise business can make you a good personal trainer. Only you can get educated, develop your skills, and provide excellent customer service. But from there, you can leverage technology to give you an edge over other trainers without sinking thousands of dollars into a franchise.


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