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“If you are uncomfortable with the concept of selling yourself, check out our insightful discussion pages on attracting and retaining clients.” (about me)

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Things Clients are Looking for When Choosing a Personal Trainer

Updated: January 2022

How to Handle Inquiry Calls

Most people don’t know how to choose a personal trainer.  Potential clients choose their personal trainers based upon the first few meetings that they have with their trainers.  When they call you, keep in mind that they are trying to decide if you are good enough to be their trainer.  So, always answer the telephone in a professional manner.

Do not try to talk to a prospect when working with an existing client.  Both the potential and existing client will consider this to be rude and unprofessional.

Voice Mail

Voice mail is something that you really need, if you don’t already have it.  Ensure that your business message is simple to understand and that it sounds like a professional created it.  Your message should say the name of your company and explain that you are presently working with other clients.


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Your Goal

Keep in mind that potential clients are evaluating you and trying to determine if you are a good trainer.  Although they are in the process of choosing a good personal trainer, your goal is to find out more about each client and setup free intro consultations.

How to Qualify Prospects?

Listening to potential clients and asking plenty of questions are the only ways to properly qualify them. 

In error, a lot of people tend to give a sales pitch instead of qualifying them.  This is a major mistake because prospects can tell what is being done and usually find it offensive.  The following are a few questions that you should ask during the initial conversations:

  • How do you know about me?
  • Do you workout now?
  • Where do you go to work out?
  • What do you want your workouts to accomplish?
  • Do you have any medical conditions that may complicate your workouts?
  • Would you have a problem paying $60 per session, which is my current price?
personal trainer forms

Make this whole process seem like an everyday conversation.  You don’t want to sound like a drill sergeant or salesman.  Try practicing a few of these questions with a friend.  Keep doing this until the whole process sounds natural and not forced or rehearsed.

Your goal is to find clients who live or work in your area, are medically fit to handle your workouts and can pay your prices.  Why continue the relationship, if the client does not meet these conditions?


Set a Date

Once you qualify the client, the next step is to setup a free intro consultation.  Put a date, time and location on your calendar so that you can meet the client.

Make sure that the potential client knows what to expect at the meeting.  This will not be a workout session and the client needs to know this.  Sometimes people will show up ready to workout, which is not a good thing.

Make a Good First Impression

If you use our Complete Training System for Personal Trainers, your new clients can automatically login to their Client Dashboard and complete their medical, health and lifestyle screening before they meet with you. This saves time for them and gets you important information before your first meeting.

As we will see in our next page, the introductory consultation is about gathering all the information you need to design a training program.

by Katie Donnelly

Insider Tips

insider tipsI promise on my voice mail to return calls within 4 hours during business hours. This urgency makes people feel like their call is important. I've had prospects tell me how impressed they were with that.

- Janet, Redondo Beach CA


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