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Personal Trainer Business Software

Personal Training is a business just like any other business. There are invoice to record, bills to pay and taxes to file. Personal trainer business software is no longer a convenience tool, but a must-have necessity.

Instant Professional Business

Personal trainer business software will enable you to run your business effectively without costly software modifications.

There are two types of three types of personal training business software available.

First, there are the pure accounting packages which can be used to run any business. Packages like Quickbooks, Peachtree, Simply Accounting, MYOB (Mind Your Own Business), and Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting are the most popular small business accounting software packages available. They enable you to easily:

* Record your client details
* Track your sessions and bill clients
* Print Checks, Pay Bills, Track expenses
* Run Reports, and
* Process your Payroll (for yourself and your employees)

Most accounting packages come with a stripped down beginner version and then a more advanced version. Expect to pay about $99 for the beginner version and $200 for the advanced versions.

Software for Personal Trainers

The second type of personal trainer business software ignores the accounting side fo teh business and focuses on training clients, meal planning, calorie tracking and a whole suite of tools to make the lives of personal trainers easier and give more value to the client.

And the third type of personal training software is a hybrid of the first two. Our Complete Training System for Personal Trainers is a good example of a full featured suite of tools for personal trainers while also giving tools to help with things like tracking your billing and sales tax liability.



For your pure accounting needs, I would recommend picking up a copy of Quickbooks Pro for around $120. I have been using Quickbooks Pro for years and it works great. I haven't found any reason to upgrade to the more expensive Premier versions. It is really nice because it integrates with Turbo Tax so at the end of the year my data transfer to Turbo Tax and my taxes are done.

On the personal training side of things, I am biased because I just spent two years of my life designing the Complete Training System for my personal training business. I think it is the best thing around and the only software package that will actually help you increase revenues (not just track costs). But don't take my word for it, Try it out for Free!

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