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Personal Training Contract

The liability waiver is the most important part of the personal training contract. DON'T TRAIN ANYBODY WITHOUT ONE!

Sorry for shouting, but it is really important. You can lose everything. I won't even train my friends or family without having them sign my personal training contract. If they give me a hard time, I usually play it off as being important to practice consistency in my business. But they know that I am just protecting myself.

Legal Concerns

The personal training contract waiver of liability is an important legal document. It is designed to protect your interests. Don't cut corners!

But first I have to cover my back side...

DISCLAIMER: This site does not offer legal advice. You should seek qualified legal attorneys for advice on legal matters in your jurisdiction. is not liable for any damages from the use of any information or forms available on this site.

Sorry about that, I'm back. So what should appear in the personal training contract?

  • Client Contact Details
  • Client acknowledgement that Personal Training and exercise in general can be dangerous
  • Client acknowledgement that they are voluntarily participating
  • Release of liability for any injury or illness resulting from the training
  • Client Assumption of all risks pertaining to the training
  • Client agrees to disclose all relevant information
  • Client Signature and Date
  • Anything else your lawyer says you need



personal training contract


Once you get a signed personal training contract, make sure you file it securely in the client's file. You may elect to store this important form off-site where it won't be lost or damaged. There is no point in getting this document signed if you can't find it later when you really need it.

Where do I get the personal training contract?

You can get our FREE personal training starter kit which includes copies of all our forms by signing up for our newsletter (you can unsubscribe at any time).


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