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Personal Training Forms

Client Workout History Business Forms

The workout history and client performance tracking business forms are really different versions of the same personal training forms. I include it here just so you can see how simple or elaborate you can make these business forms. You can download our free personal training forms starter kit with basic personal trainer forms or automate the whole paperwork process with our Complete Training System.

The workout history business form tracks your client's progress over time. It is a key measurement of your client's improvement.

personal training forms

Give Copies of the Business Forms to your Clients

You should give customized versions of your personal training forms to each client. For example, some clients aren't interested in doing a lot of weight training. The sections dealing with reps and weight can be modified to record cardio workout intensity levels and durations.

You can also modify this form and give to the client so they can record their own activity when you are not training them. Remind them to bring in all of their relevant personal training forms for your review before your next session. It is important for you to review them to ensure that your client is not doing anything dangerous (i.e. treadmill for 60 minutes on maximum intensity might cause some concern).

Of course this is all the old school way of doing things.

If you want dynamically generated workout forms that your client can access on their own web portal, forms they can fill out online, and dashboard progress reporting...

...then check out the Free Trial of our Complete Training System.



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