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Personal Training Financial Planning Budget

Developing your financial planning budget and budget forecasting is a critical step toward launching your personal training business. If you make a mistake on this step, it can cause huge amounts of pain later.

We have created a Two year Budget and Cash Flow Projections spreadsheet which you can get for free in our Personal Trainer Starter Kit or you can get a full blown 28 page professional Business Plan using our Business Plan Generator.

Section 1: Revenue Projections

The first part of the financial planning budget deals with revenue projections. Simply input the days per week that you will train, the number of sessions per day, and the average price for sessions. The spreadsheet will translate those numbers into weekly, monthly and annual income projections.

Modify the numbers until you feel you have the right mix. Remember, be conservative. Of course you can make a lot of money working seven days per week...but will you survive?

financial planning budget


Section 2: Startup Costs

Part 2 of the financial planning budget deals with startup costs or one-time costs. Whenever you start a business there are costs involved with just starting. These costs need to be recouped over time. Fortunately, they usually only happen once.

budget counseling

The costs included in our spreadsheet are just estimates. You will need to modify them to tailor to your particular situation. For example, you may choose to not have a physical location. You can save a lot of money by training outdoors, in client's homes and at gyms.


Section 3: Budget Forecasting Expenses

These are your monthly expenses. Be very careful when estimating these monthly numbers because small changes will have a large impact on your annual financial planning budget.

budget forecasting


Section 4: Financial Planning Budget and Cash Flow

This section is where all the data comes together to give you the financial planning budget and cash flow projections for 24 months. You can determine when your business will break even by seeing in which month the cash flow becomes positive. But remember, even though it may take along time to recoup your startup investment, you are earning a salary and doing what you love the whole time.

personal training cost

Remember that you can download this spreadsheet as part of our free Personal Trainer Starter kit.

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Insider Tips

insider tipsAlways be very conservative when you make budget projections. I usually do two budgets. One that assumes worst case and one that is reasonable but still conservative. And I usually do a best case one too so I have something to motivate me.

- Tom, Richmond VA

insider tipsYou can override some of the formulas in the cash flow portion to factor in growth of the business. In reality, things will start slow but get much busier once you add more clients. Once I have a full schedule, I raise prices for new clients only which helps raise the average session price. That way I can work the same amount but actually make more money.

- Jenny, Simi Valley CA

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