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No Weight Loss?

by David
(Rep. of Ireland)

I have a substantial client base, but regardless of what I do with some clients, they are not experiencing weight loss. I have studied nutrition, my sessions are intensive and yet in some cases no weight loss!!Any ideas??

Comments for No Weight Loss?

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Weightloss not always a great measure
by: shannon

I have experienced the same issues as you have. I have had some clients GAIN weight during their time with me. I am very much into weight training for weightloss and stress to my clients in doing this you will be decreasing your fat mass and increasing your lean body mass. This will result is sometimes little or no flucutation in weight (on the scale). I hav adopted the use of girth measurements to assess the "fat" loss on their bodies and this number really shows the changes and make the clients pleased and ready for more! Good luck!


Size not weight
by: Erik

I just need you to know that if you are doing any resistant training your clients will experience the loss of inches instead of pounds because they are building muscle as they lose fat...

I hope this helps...

Erik S. Beard, CPT

by: DAVE


Same here...
by: Anonymous

I am having the same issue with one of my clients. We are on the 18th session. I work with her 3 days a week and my sessions leave her throwing up on some, and the others sweating tears. However, she's only lost an inch in her waste and her neck is getting smaller. That's it! No actual weight loss. We incorporate a lot of weight training, circuit training, and interval training. The thing I've come to realize, is that I'm only 30% of the equation. If the client is doing what he/she needs to do on days they aren't with their trainer, (intense cardio, eating right, smaller portions, etc.) then they will drop the weight quickly. I'm not so sure my client is always truthful when I ask her how well she ate and how intense her cardio was during the week. But I can only do so much.

Hope this helps!

I feel you
by: Anonymous

I think most trainers have this problem. We typically build strength and improve in many areas but we have to realize we are NOT weight loss specialists. I put a form together that states exactly that. I give this to every client before we start and make them read it and sign it. Keep reminding them they have to do there part at home. Offer suggestions for weight watchers or other respecable plans.

dont sugar coat!
by: mark

I love to lift weights and I also love to eat but when Its time to slim down a bit it is never a easy task, and although my body is used to it and should remeber it it can be nagging and somewhat painfull mentally to loose weight dew to the calorie deficit I have to put my body through it interfears with my sleep at first especially in the begunning and is not easy at all! I think it is best to make sure our clients know this and all the side effects that will go along with the calorie deficit mostly being mental! Make them aware that this is going to be very hard but also let them know it will get easier as there body adjusts and like anything else with our bodies it happens slowly help them 2 make the transitions in small steps with more small meals cause something small to eat after 2 hours is a lot better than waiting 4-6hrs for a larger meal which I am sure most of u know and if not its ok. If there not loosing there still not restricted enough its a hard line to find! I hope this can help someone! Happy new year!

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