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“Create multiple versions of your resume with each version targeting a different reader.” (about me)

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Personal Trainer Resume

Welcome to the Employee Track!

We are going to put together a great looking personal trainer resume and help you land the job. Whether its your first personal training job or you are looking to advance in the field, your personal trainer resume speaks volumes about you.

We start by analyzing the key sections of the resume, discuss resume tips, and then move on to study our sample resume. But If you want a really professional resume then you should consider a professional resume and cover letter writing service. If it gets you the job you want, the few extra bucks will be worth it.

Get it Right!

The first step is to brainstorm in the following categories. We discuss each one in detail below:

  • Objective / Goals
  • Experience
  • Certifications
  • Training and Workshops
  • Education
  • Achievements
  • Special Skills


Find the Right Order

Your personal trainer resume and cover letter needs to quickly communicate your strong points. In fact research shows that if the resume doesn't interest the reader in the first five seconds that it won't get read.

Now don't panic and don't resort to gimmicks when writing a resume (no pink perfumed paper, this isn't Legally Blonde).

Bringing order to your resume will greatly enhance your professionalism. And as you will soon see, the order of these categories depends on where your strengths lie. Always lead with your strengths!

Who is the Reader?

Ultimately you should have several different versions of your personal trainer resume. If you are looking for a job at a health club, you are going to emphasize your education, certification and experience. Talk about your customer service skills even if its just serving coffees at Starbucks. The health club wants to know that you will fit in.

Your personal trainer resume should also have a version for potential clients. While clients are interested in certifications and education, your complete employment history is probably not that interesting. Instead, highlight areas of concern like safety and experience designing programs for other clients (even if your other clients are just friends and family members).

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The Personal Trainer
Resume Sections


This section outlines what you want out of the job. It can be a simple statement like

"to help others enjoy a more active lifestyle, so they may enjoy a higher quality of life"


"To get a position as a personal trainer and develop my skills in providing professional training advice with an emphasis on working with athletes."

Make your objective quick, easy and to the point. And most importantly, make it sound like you. If you don't get your objective right, the rest of the personal trainer resume won't get noticed.


If you are just starting out, this is the hardest section of your personal trainer resume. Hopefully this isn't your first job so you will have something to list. List your work experience or volunteer experience with any fitness related activities listed first.


This section is the strong point of your personal trainer resume. If you are certified but don't have much experience, consider moving this section ahead of the experience section. List all certifications you can think of. If you have a personal training certification, don't forget to list your Adult CPR certification that you probably earned.

personal trainer resume Training and Workshops

If you have a bachelor's degree in sports medicine and ten years of experience, then you can probably leave this section off your personal trainer resume. But if you are brand new, you need to demonstrate that you actually know something.

An easy way to do this is to list any workshops, seminars, online courses you have studied. You can even list the exercise section of this website in your training list. Don't be afraid to hype yourself!


personal trainer resumewriting a resume


If you have a degree in something fitness related, then move this section to the top of your personal trainer resume. But for the rest of us, this section usually gets buried at the bottom. If you have very little post high school experience then you may even want to resort to listing individual classes you have taken, especially if they are fitness related. And of course, if you really can't find anything to put in this section besides partying through high school, then leave it off. There is a good chance that the reader won't even notice.


This section is great for capturing anything that makes you stand out from the pack. Were you an Eagle Scout, did you win employee of the month at a previous job, did you win a medal at your high school track and field competition? Don't be Shy! This is the time to promote yourself so put it on your personal trainer resume.

personal trainer resume sampleSpecial Skills

This last section should capture any skills that you might have. Perhaps you are bilingual, make sure you mention the languages you speak and read. Are you good with computers? Do you know how to count a cash register drawer? Do you know sign language or have experience working or living with disabled people? These special skills make you unique and should be listed on your personal trainer resume.

Other Sections


New! Comments

Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.


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Insider Tips

insider tipsThis one is a bit obvious but make sure your contact information is correct. If you give an email address make sure that your mailbox is not full. I sent out resumes using a hotmail account and had one resume bounce back and consumed my entire inbox quota. When employers tried to email me to set up interviews, their emails bounced back because my mailbox was full. Embarrassing!

- Nicole, Atlanta GA


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